Ryan Rinauro Drops His Personal Debut Album Entitled “Lost Boy”

The music game needs to be ready for this up and coming heavyweight. Ryan Rinauro, a rising rapper and recording artist, just dropped his debut album Lost Boy. A Shingle Springs, CA native, Rinauro was introduced to hip hop at a young age by his older sister which is safe to say shaped his future

By the time he was 14, he was already recording his own music, with inspiration coming from artists such as Intuition & Equilibrium and Jay-Z, but West Coast sounds and style always held a strong appeal for Rinauro. Recently, the lockdown due to COVID-19 have provided him an opportunity to give time to focus on his music which led to him putting out his first album.

The Lost Boy album is surprisingly introspective. Each song, in some way, explores his personal change from making it through a hard journey. The result is a captivating album as Rinauro shares actual encounters, as well as his own thoughts on success, life, and work.

It is truly a work of self-expression where he explores the highs and lows of life that he has experienced himself, opening up to his listeners. Rinauro says he has worked hard on this album and is more concerned about connecting with his listeners and giving them something that they haven’t heard before than anything else.

Just like those highs and lows of life, the album is full of a variety of melodies. Sometimes, it’s slow, chill, and melodious; other times, it’s upbeat, metaphorical, witty, and fast-paced.

However, the lyrics are key to each song – which are all relatively short – and every word he is spitting out, you’ll want to rewind to give a closer listen. Plus, his strong husky voice adds a certain atmospheric chill to each track, adding on an extra layer of appeal. 

Rinauro may be from a small town, but his songs are much more cosmopolitan and rooted in a big city persona. Artists such as Intuition & Equilibrium and Jay-Z have been a source of inspiration for Rinauro. This is the third release by Rinauro this year, dropping two singles prior his album.

Lost Boy, with 9 new songs, has a unique, heavy cadence reminiscent of West Coast melodies and has already pleased his listeners. This is important to him, as he hopes that his authentic voice and personal story and struggles will resonate with listeners. 

In each song, he easily blends rap and instrumental sounds, setting a strong tone that is sometimes relaxing, witty, and typically insightful. The top songs on the album, “Listen Clear” and “My Side” feel raw and fresh, deservedly epitomizing Rinauro’s style. This raw style is possibly what will make Rinauro break down the rap industry door.

To begin listening, look for Lost Boy on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, and Deezer. It’ll take you on a musical journey that you didn’t know you needed.


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