Ryan Stream, Top Youth Speaker, Defies Statistics

Statistics are meant to tell us the way things tend to go, the odds of things happening or not happening, and the likelihood of how the future will turn out. But for every statistical set of data, there are outliers. And sometimes those outliers change the world.

Statistics would tell us that a child who loses connection with his father early in life, whose mother commit suicide when he’s a teenager, who lives in the foster care system for most of his childhood, who falls into drug addiction and substance abuse and ends up in jail, and who experiences nothing but hopelessness for his entire young life, is destined for a future of brokenness and bleakness.

It’s a good thing that top youth speaker Ryan Stream doesn’t fall into statistics.

Ryan Stream has suffered all of the above and more, yet is one of the most dynamic and captivating speakers in the country, gifted to deliver infectious messages of hope and inspiration.

Growing up, Ryan and his brothers were all brought together and eventually adopted by a family, the Streams, over a two year period. As a teen, he would struggle with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and other poor choices which led to outstanding court fines, legal battles, and multiple jail sentences.

His biological mother passed away from suicide when he was in the ninth grade after he and his brothers were in foster care. Ryan’s story was as rock-bottom as they come… but it didn’t end at the bottom at all. Today, he is on a mission to offer hope to those needing inspiration. 

Ryan’s made it his mission to use his passion and talents as a speaker, musician, and performer to elevate above the tremendous difficulties of his past and inspire young people across the country.

Ryan has been featured on MTV, Entrepreneur.com, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc.com, and Influence Magazine. He has also been honored to receive the Verizon Wireless Tribute Award and 2 LDS Music Awards. His music can be found on the radio, iTunes, Apple music, Pandora, and other major outlets. 

Inspiration is what Ryan Stream has brought to countless young people in his journey from homelessness and despair to deep encouragement and inspiration. Ryan Stream and his brothers were separated in the foster care system, and struggled. He’s well acquainted with the feeling of being lost, alone, and scared. He’s endured homelessness and doubt, fear and insecurity, worry and hopelessness.

As a top youth speaker, Ryan Stream motivates his audiences using his unique skill set, personal life experiences, and his own music to captivate and bring value to those around him. Ryan is not just a speaker; he’s an incredible musician. Ryan plays the piano laying down, blindfolded, and backwards, and if that’s not enough, he sings country and rap music he has composed while showcasing his award-winning videos. He has talent blended with depth, a rare combination.

A man of service, Ryan served in the military for thirteen years and spent two deployments in Afghanistan. “Joining the military was the best decision of my life,” he explains. Ryan uses his life experiences involving leadership, mental health, and music to inspire hope, leadership, discipline, mental and physical strength, team work, pride, communication, and service. 

“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. if you want it badly enough you will make it happen,” Ryan explains.

Ryan has changed his life, and as long as he has anything to do with it, so can those around him! Ryan gives concrete steps in his talks

on how to better your life and find purpose and direction, and moves audiences to action as they laugh, cry, and cheer. 

Ryan travels as one of the top motivational speakers and musicians in the country. His wife, Elizabeth, and he also partner in real estate, and he supports his wife in her own businesses. 

Ryan will soon be releasing his book, Conquering Your Colosseum with five key principles for preparing for life’s battles.

Connect with Ryan at http://ryanstream.com/ and on his YouTube channel!

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