Ryi Unity Will Be a Top 100 Project in the Crypto Space by 2022

RYI is further teamed of experts from a variety of sectors

 RYI Unity LLC is a 2021 venture out of Los Angeles, California. Headed by military and law enforcement veteran Jonathan Wier (CEO), RYI is further teamed of experts from a variety of sectors. For this article Wier has been asked to provide some specific commentary in order to help shed some direct insight into RYI Unity. It is more than implied that the objective of RYI is to become the next token of prosperity in the Cryptocurrency world.

Beyond having been the force behind several RYI titled Cyptocurrency tokens of varying utility, RYI Unity LLC is a newly licensed corporation out of the State of California in the United States which further offers several other products and services. Some are already operating while others up and coming are currently in the planning and development stages. A few of these to take note of are UnityVentures, UnityNewsSafeRockets, and RYIPay. Token holders will also be able to vote on RYI community issues through RYIGov.

UnityVentures (UV) is the venture capital arm of the RYI Unity ecosystem and has already expedited the creation of a number of projects. On the subject, Wier had to say “Unity Ventures is the venture platform that created BPSwap, UnityNews and soon to be released SafeRockets. And this is just the beginning for UV as we were just licensed recently within the US. UV is the think tank behind hot, new, and fresh ideas with loads of support resources such as Solulabs Blockchain Company.”

BPSwap is a recently launched Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that offers numerous other services including staking, launchpad services, and soon a lottery. On the matter Wier added “BPswap is a creation of UnityVentures which means BPswap has high-level support and will be a premiere DEX operating on the Binance Smart Chain with a plan of going Multi-chain, which is supported by a fully stacked development team. BPswap has numerous strategic level partners lined up that are yet to be revealed. So stay up today with this one!”

When asked to comment on recently observed mentions of Hummingbird Finance in the RYI cosmos, Wier had to say “UV and Hummingbird Finance have officially gone into a strategic partnership in order to take on the Defi Market by storm. This includes the highly noted project RYI Unity which owns the UnityVentures platform. With the packed powerhouse and all the resources there is no telling the heights that may be achieved!”

The SafeRockets website has been secured and is active with Wier saying it will soon be fully operational. It will offer visitors the chance to vote on their favourite upcoming Cryptocurrencies and features a real time stock ticker style moving price indicator on the bottom of the page. Wier added “In a coordinated effort with our new partner Hummingbird Finance, we are about to launch SafeRockets. The site is nearly ready and on its way, and was made by an awesome developer. Really excited about this one!”

RYIPay is an upcoming app from RYI Unity, said by Wier “created.. to help ease new crypto users to use RYI for purchases or storing [tokens].” Wier also commented “RYIPay on Android is in review by Google Play Store. An IOS version is also in the works.”

As RYI Unity LLC developments are ongoing, a series of articles on this subject may be expected as further progress is made.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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