Sachin Shinde Speaks on Supporting Others in the Battle Against COVID-19

Sachin Shinde

It is truly said that every drop makes an ocean. In the same vein, every small contribution can make a big difference. This goes completely right with the situation the world is in right now. The coronavirus outbreak has completely gripped the globe, and it seems to have no end anytime soon.

India is already in the second wave of the pandemic with an average of more than 2.5 lakh active cases coming every day. In this unfortunate situation, many celebrities, politicians, and leaders have raised funds and contributed to the wellbeing of the country.

Mumbai-based entrepreneur, social worker, and politician Sachin Shinde is also doing his bit by making significant contributions. Having worked with Bhartiya Janta Party for quite a long time, Mr. Sachin has been associated with many causes that have been taken up by his NGO ‘Maitri Foundation.

Some of his commendable social activities include the clean water project, student encouragement program, cleanliness and sanitation campaigns, employment opportunities for working aspirants, and women empowerment programs.

A majority of these initiations were held in the Mahim-area of the city. Doing noble works for more than a decade, Sachin feels that the quality of giving has been there in him since his early days. “There’s a special joy when you contribute and help the helpless. Nobody becomes poor by making any amount of contribution. In such difficult times of the pandemic, I urge people to donate whatsoever they can to humans and the animals in the nearby locality”, revealed Mr. Sachin.

The social worker even went on to say that an ordinary thing might be a luxury for the poor. He said, “Be kind to anyone and everyone. We all have to be each other’s strength, and eradicate the deadly virus from the world.”

During a year, Sachin Shinde and his team have already donated face masks, hand sanitizers, and ration kits to needy people. During the second wave of the pandemic, his team even stood in arranging oxygen beds and plasma donations. He lastly concluded and requested the countrymen to contribute towards the betterment of India in the best possible manner.

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