Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei: An Entrepreneur With a Vision

A vision, in a literal sense, means something that you see. As an entrepreneur and leader, one must always ask themselves – What do you see in the future of your business? Chairman & Founder of Shuraa Group, Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei is a true blue exemplar of visionary entrepreneurs who has been paving his way to success ever since the inception of his venture.

A bold vision is powerful, but casting it in the right manner is a crucial process. Saeed started his career by opening a typing center in Rashidiya back in 1999. Little did he know that this venture will lead him to a whole new ball game that wasn’t so popular back then. Having set foot in the industry where people were clueless about things like procuring a Trade License, a visit visa, paper-work the documentation process, and many more allowed Saeed to carve a niche for himself. His visionary mindset to foresee the scope in the coming time is one of the major reasons behind his successful business outing.

He says, “Cultivating and expanding the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is important. It not only creates a conducive environment for
entrepreneurs and investors”.

Saeed’s relentless hard work took the Shuraa group to new heights. They have now expanded their wings and are into consultancies, advertising companies, real estate, and hotels. Being pioneers in providing expert company formation services, has been helping local as well as international entrepreneurs take their first steps.

Saeed has not only sown seeds for more than 25,000 firms with its customized business solutions but has four business centres in prime locations with 105 furnished offices.

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