Safari Foxe Takes the Lead in the Beauty Industry

During the past few years, there’s been a number of significant changes that have taken place in the beauty industry. In the past, those who were looking for options to improve the look, feel, or appearance of their bodies might have to ask for the help of a plastic surgeon. Sadly, when they look at the cost of these procedures, they often find that the barrier is simply too great. The good news is that there’s been a number of changes that have taken place in this field during the past few years that have made it easier for individuals to invest in their bodies. That is where Safari Foxe and her company, Body By Safari, have been making an impact.

Entry as a Lipo Tech

Foxe always knew that she was interested in the beauty industry. She knows the feelings of self-confidence that a perfect look can bring. She understands that those who like what they see in the mirror are more likely to advocate strongly for themselves, taking the risks that they need to in order to accomplish their goals. As a result, she went to school and became a lipo tech, which was her first exposure to this field. She learned a lot as a lipo tech. She saw the results that these procedures could bring. She saw the looks of satisfaction on the faces of patients.

An Alternative Arises

At the same time, she also saw just how hard it was for everyone who was unable to invest in these procedures. She knew that it could be expensive and she also knew that the recovery times following these procedures could be significant. This is what drove her to start a new company called Body By Safari.

With Body By Safari, the goal is to provide everyone with opportunities to improve their looks through fat reduction, cellulite removal, and skin tightening. Of course, there have been options for these procedures; however, the unique part about Foxe’s company is that she provides a non-invasive option for those who need these procedures. Some of the advantages of Body By Safari include lower costs, shorter procedure times, and shorter recovery times. In this manner, many people can get in and out of the office on the same day.

At first, Foxe and Body By Safari were sticking to the beauty industry. Foxe is from Atlanta, GA, and Body By Safari is already incredibly popular in this area. Eventually, people started encouraging her and her company to look outside of the Atlanta area. They knew that other people would fall in love with the options provided by Foxe just as the city of Atlanta has. As a result, Foxe and her company are expanding quickly. With the massive amounts of innovation that are taking place in this industry, the sky is the limit.

The Future is Bright

While the entertainment industry has always been closely tied to looks, there are numerous other areas in which Foxe and Body By Safari have the potential to improve the lives of others. In this fashion, Foxe and Body By Safari might one day become a global brand. As the forefront of this industry continues to shift, one thing is certain: Foxe is going to be there every step of the way. Many people in this industry are waiting to see what exciting move is next for Safari Foxe. She is inspiring others to follow their dreams every step of the way.

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