Sahil Dahiya: The Journey of a Freelancer Becoming One of the Top Names in the E-Commerce Industry

Growing the online dropshipping store like a pro and developing a profitable e-commerce business is something that new entrepreneurs can learn from Dahiya.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it requires upright honesty, grit, and courage to step out in a competitive world and prove oneself as a person who can achieve anything they’ve set their mind and soul on. Although, what seems very easy is sometimes the most difficult thing to do in life. But, what’s important is to remain a part of the game, to keep hustling, to explore newer ideas every day, to build a business, and, when, eventually, you feel you have made something of your own, work even harder the next time.

Facing struggles in life and overcoming them one by one with his continued efforts to achieve something big in life is something we can learn from Sahil Dahiya. He is a young, energetic, dynamic, and skillful individual who took every opportunity that life placed him with and transformed all those opportunities into something lucrative. Academics never excited Dahiya, and since he wanted to become an entrepreneur from the very beginning, he completed his 12th grade in 2017 and started prepping up for becoming a businessman.

Till that time, Dahiya utilized all his time and energy in churning out new ideas, doing all the research about the business he could get into. He realised his actual calling was in the dropshipping business, which he could start online. The e-commerce businesses have always seen the brighter side of the industry, and it was only the right thing that Dahiya could get into. With the boom of many newer technologies and innovations, Dahiya decided to dive into this industry because he believed that he could optimize the maximum potential of the industry and earn greater profits in the future.

The bigger issue, however, for Dahiya was about collecting the required initial funding for the business. This posed the first among the many hurdles that Dahiya had to face at the beginning. So, the young lad decided to start by doing small jobs like freelancing and save up money for his business. He ran Facebook ads and did a lot of digital marketing work to earn the money needed for his business. After gathering decent amounts from freelancing, Dahiya opened up his online dropshipping store, but at a small scale at the start. Slowly and steadily, his company started growing, and Dahiya could see a surge in profits coming from it. This increased Dahiya’s confidence and helped him expand his business exponentially.

Any entrepreneur sets higher goals when he/she sets up a business, but doing that and converting potential buyers into actual buyers is a different thing. The first thing that new companies must focus on is to know how to convert browsers into buyers. Also, numerous factors eventually lead to making a sale, like the product offerings, the delivery process of your dropshipping site, etc.

Gaining a lot of experience already at only 21 years of age, Dahiya wants to share some of his e-commerce marketing strategies that can help new entrepreneurs to increase the conversion rate of their start-up and eventually help them increase their revenue.

  • Offer deadlines and create urgency: You can excel your online dropshipping site to greater heights when you create a certain kind of urgency to trigger potential buyers to make the purchase, suggests Dahiya. You can put deadlines as well, like a countdown to make them buy faster. By keeping the inventory to less than 20 items, you can create a sense of exclusivity, too, among the customers. By using the countdown method, you can keep customers at the edge to decide for their purchase and also offer them a deal that if they buy before the time limit, they can get the order before the weekend.
  • Prove your business is genuine and trustworthy: Considering the rate at which cybercrimes and security issues take place in a highly technological driven world, it also becomes essential to prove to your customers that your business is genuine and trustworthy, recommends Dahiya. He also believes that e-commerce businesses must make their sites even more secure and display badges that prove to customers your relationship with security providers. The more you instill faith and trust in your company in the customer’s mind, the higher the conversion rates.
  • Send email reminders for abandoned carts: Many start-ups fail to follow up with their potential customers who do not finalise a purchase and checkout, abandoning the carts. It becomes essential for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry to send email reminders of the product they considered to purchase, according to Dahiya. With the reminder, you can even tag it along with the images and also provide some discount codes that would trigger the idea of making the purchase the very same day.

Dahiya also suggests start-ups focus on making the site mobile-friendly, as most of the people, especially millennials, use their phones or tablets to make a purchase. Video content must also be given more space on your site, rather than long readable descriptions. This connects more with people and can prove to be an interactive medium.

The more fundamentals you learn from people like Dahiya, the more you can make your foundation stronger with your start-up. Also, Dahiya is sending out a strong message to other budding entrepreneurs that time is money, and you must make optimum use of this asset to grow not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual.

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