Sahil Sachdeva is Reworking the Publishing Industry

After making waves in the marketing industry, the founder and CEO of Level Up Holdings, Sahil Sachdeva, is set to step into the publishing industry. Level Up Magazine is the hotspot for your daily dose of viral news, trending ideas, latest pop culture updates, lifestyle, and well-being tips. With an aim to freshen up your perspective while quenching your curiosity, Level Up is curated for inquisitive minds.

The Inspiration

When asked what inspired this venture, the high-impact entrepreneur promptly replied, “Like many of us, I am an entrepreneur at heart, but I didn’t know what idea I wanted to pursue. I chose careers that I thought would lead me to my business idea… but after years of searching, I am still hunting for inspiration. It was then that I started LevelUp – a place for insatiably curious people like me to share ideas and get inspired.”

The Magazine

Sahil, the current editor-in-chief of Level Up, has brought together both dynamic young writers and renowned industry professionals to create the best content. The magazine covers the latest and the most popular events taking place throughout the world across the genres of Entertainment, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, and Celebrity Gossip.

The website is now live and is rapidly growing to be the world’s #1 trending platform. As of now, it has covered interviews with up-and-coming musicians from all over the world, stories of self-made entrepreneurs, and top TikTokers. It has also tackled serious issues like ‘Zoom Fatigue’ being faced by individuals working from home and the importance of sustainability in fashion.

Unbiased and thoroughly researched facts and sources are used to derive the content delivered, to ensure nothing but the truth reaches the readers. Universal content, appealing to both laymen and industry professionals, is also a major feature of the magazine. Catering to readers and enthusiasts of all ages, Level Up shows a promising future ahead.

About The Director

Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Clout, a personal branding agency. The dynamic 24-year-old has a long list of achievements to his name. A mechanical engineer, he has won various awards for technical inventions, including one NASA-sponsored competition for creating a satellite with his team, ‘Incassable CGCians.’

An extraordinary team leader, he has also served as the student leader of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest chemical society, and also of the Society of Automotive Engineers. An actor, singer, model, and entrepreneur, he was also a master of chess during his school days. Time and time again, his achievements and talents have graced the leading newspapers.

The magazine holds a special place for him, for it reflects his ideals of finding one’s passion in life, and pursuing it with all of one’s might. He wishes to inspire people, and ‘Level Up’ their intellectual horizons and creativity.

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