Sajid Zaman: Entrepreneur to Tech Titan

The world of tech is infamously known as being a difficult field. Notorious for its ever changing pace, those who choose to enter the industry need to have nerves of steel and be willing to change courses at a breakneck pace. While the public seems to have the perception that it’s smooth sailing once someone makes it in the world of tech, that couldn’t be farther from the truth and no one knows that better than Sajid Zaman, or most have come to know him simply as Saj.

Saj’s success wasn’t given, it was earned. Ten plus years in the industry, Saj Zaman has seen the world of tech evolve and has grown alongside it. It’s this level of perseverance that made his company, Finally Free Productions, the success that it is today. “If you want to create something disruptive, you’re going to have to go out and build it on your own which means you can’t be afraid to lose.” Doing exactly that, Saj garnered his experience from the tech world and created FFP (Finally Free Productions).

At his company, FFP prides itself on providing cutting edge technology in app development as well as raising the standards for general design. As an entrepreneur himself, Saj recognizes the difference a strong work ethic can make in regards to running your own company. But at the same time, he is aware of what a gamble it can be.

Geared with a Business Economics degree from CUNY (City of University of New York), his educational credentials is just a sliver in regards to his accomplishment. Proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with, Zaman’s best example can be seen in the quality of work done at FFP.

Proving that the sky’s the limit in regards to his company, FFP has enjoyed much success in the past years. A number of recognizable apps under his belt, Hoopplex, GlobalApp, and Writrz Block are just a few examples of the capabilities of the company.

Offering app development to those seeking to branch out into technological work; FFP works to translate the visions of their clients into service apps that further improves business traffic. By fine-tuning his abilities to provide the level of professionalism that has become synonymous with FFP, Saj embraces challenges both new and old to deliver quality content for his clientele.  

Building the skeleton for an app has proven to be a tactic that FFP has become an expert in. As more and more people venture into their own entrepreneur journey, the desire to see their business in the app world continues to bloom. As a full stack software development company, FFP provides the bare bones of app development in the form of prototyping, which is the most crucial stage of app development. Essentially providing the blueprint, it establishes the layout for their clients’ developers to follow. 

When faced with trials and tribulations, the importance of stepping back and taking in your work has proven to be one of Saj’s greatest assets.You always need to have the wherewithal to withstand incoming hurdles with the mindset to take a break when you need to and return to start all over again.” With the work done at FFP, Saj has his hands in every aspect of app development.

Alongside his team, FFP provides fresh eyes on projects which has proved to be crucial to the success of an app. By providing well designed software, Saj is enriching the world of tech. Having dominated the tech world for over a decade, his insight has allowed him to provide FFP the legs to stand on.

Serving as its CEO, he works tirelessly to provide both his clientele with reliable appware and stellar design. Taking into consideration his position within the company, Saj knows all too well the responsibilities that have been placed on his shoulders. “Learn to become a solution oriented leader instead of a mitigator,” he says.

Focusing on leading by example as opposed to dwelling on negativity, Saj’s direction towards leadership and expertise is one of the reasons why FFP received the Certificate of Excellence by Bark. While accolades are definitely a sign of moving in the right direction, his impact also shines in the feedback from his clientele.

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