Sal Khan wins in Life and as an Entrepreneur

It is always very amazing to learn about all those people who radiate a different kind of brilliance when it comes to doing the ‘different’ in their chosen industries. These individuals and professionals always strive to attain excellence, rather than only running behind success, which helps them carve their unique niche in their respective industries.

The path, of course, is not a cakewalk, but the ones who keep walking and learn from the varied experiences of their life are the ones that go ahead in making it huge in their careers and life. Serving as one of the best examples of such astute professionals is Sal Khan.

He was born and raised in hand paved mud house in the remote outskirts of Bangladesh, and little did he know as a kid that life would indeed take a 360-degree turn for him, placing him in a totally different world and presenting to him umpteen numbers of opportunities, which he could leverage to become his best version.

Today, the same kid who grew up in a confined environment has the sky all for himself to fly higher each day in the world of entrepreneurship. Sal Khan has proved his mettle in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and has emerged as a true blue investor as well, who now works towards many other startup entrepreneurs and the less fortunate to give wings to their dreams.

If you are wondering all of this success happened overnight for this passionate being, let us tell you, it was just the opposite. Sal Khan has had different life experiences, with limited resources and help from others.

However, his quest to improve his and his family’s life helped him take on opportunities and make them work his way. When he got the opportunity to move to America, he could take admission to a medical school all because of his parents’ relentless hard work and long hour shifts at work for over 22 years.

Still, challenges were a part of his life and Sal Khan had to drop out of medical school to support his family in times of crisis. After working day and night multiple jobs to make ends meet, finally, he began working towards his journey in entrepreneurship.

This took him towards cryptocurrency, which gave him the confidence to invest in early projects where he could create massive returns in a short period. Sal Khan wanted to give back to people, and since he had first-hand experiences of how young talents could run out of proper opportunities, he decided to back them with his investments, helping startups and the less fortunate with capital fundraising.

Today, Sal Khan has become a world traveller who has been to 20+ countries and has made Dubai his home. He has attained noteworthy presence and a respectable status in society also because of his philanthropy work, building hospitals, housing and giving opportunities to the less fortunate in his home country.

Is there anything that Sal Khan can’t ace? We guess not.


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