Sales Powerhouse Pouya Haidari Speaks on the Importance of Mentorship

The way of the entrepreneur is one of turning dreams into reality. Whether that be becoming successful in our professional fields, turning our passion into something that generates an income, or becoming our own boss; all these dreams for something better lay dormant inside us. The entrepreneurial spirit within us urges us to forge our own paths towards our vision of success, but this road can be tricky and confusing to navigate. Inability to sell ourselves, self-doubt, a lack of clarity and guidance are all key factors that can prevent us from reaching our dreams. That’s why a mentor is key for success. Mentors provide the support, clarity and framework to cultivate the growth you need so that you can stand confidently and push towards your goals with the knowledge and wisdom passed down to you from someone who actually cares about your success. This is a fundamental lesson sales coach Pouya Haidari has come to value along his own journey to success.

“At the age of 16 I began to study Jim Rohn, who was my first and most valuable mentor,” Pouya recalled. Rohn was a well-respected entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker who inspired many young entrepreneurs from the 1960’s through to the 80’s. Many of his speeches today have been viewed millions of times on YouTube. Jim Rohn’s values and philosophies for taking control over one’s life, combined with Pouya’s own unrelenting determination to elevate his position and create something better for himself helped fan the fire within that saw Pouya travelling from his home in Toronto, Canada across the US to attend as many business conferences as possible, while studying sales and business. “I learned the value of mentorship very early, and I did everything in my power to be in the same rooms as the most successful people in their respective industries,” noted Pouya. “This was also the time that inadvertently kickstarted my sales career at just 16.”

Pouya’s networking and determination landed him several sales and managerial roles where he continued to gain experience under the tutelage of the CEO’s and keen businessmen around him. Pouya also continued to grow by consuming every book on business and personal development he could get his hands on. His hunger for success showed in his work and he managed to secure executive corporate positions at a young age. By 21 Pouya was earning 6-figures and by 23, Pouya was earning multiple 6-figures per year and managing 5 regional sales offices consisting of 60-70 sales professionals. Pouya was offered multiple 7-figure partnership deals in Canada and the US that he declined when he realized that the corporate sphere was not where his passions lay.

At 25, Pouya’s entrepreneurial journey began when he understood that his fulfillment could come from paying forward the lessons he had learned along his own journey, ushering in the next generation of driven entrepreneurs and successful salespeople. He now dedicates his time to nurturing his clients, working one-on-one or with firms, and implementing structured coaching programs. He has since mentored over 500 sales professionals, developed high-performing sales offices for organizations across 7 different industries, and been able to generate over $49 million USD in client revenue within 2 years.

“My goal now is to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs tap into their potential by learning the knowledge and cultivating the skills necessary to build a life of abundance and success.” Pouya said proudly. “My mentorship and coaching programs are derived from over a decade’s worth of tangible experience, and my clients results speak for themselves.”

Pouya knows that the fire within him to succeed also burns within every ambitious individual, and all they need is that fan to grow and guide the flames. If you’re motivated to seeing your entrepreneurial dreams come true, or are trying to level up your skills in sales in 2021, connect with Pouya and take on a mentor who will significantly improve your financial future and help you to live a life on your own terms.

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