Salwa Azar, a Dubai-based content creator who is loved for her travel blogging.

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“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

Well, traveling is like scouting places, living that jiffy, and ending up with memories. Traveling is not about hopping from one place to another, this is about inhaling the experience and exhaling the stories, that’s what a blogger does. They slosh their heart and soul into their blogs so that their spectators can get unfiltered experiences.

The world’s tallest buildings Burj Khalifa, Mall of Emirates, Atlantis The Palm, and there is ample to shout about Dubai. There is no astonishment that this country has brought forth unnumbered successful stars in the travel blogging field, who divulge their Homeland and the world beyond.

Here I am enunciating one of the prominent and passionate travel bloggers, the director of marketing and head of social media for Atlantis The Palm, Salwa Azar. She heartily encourages all the travel bloggers to pack their bags and travel out of their solace zone.  She is such a brilliant solitary and precisely proven that hard work pays off.

A Dubai-based travel fanatic, Salwa Azar who unswervingly decided to attain her fervency adjacent to her full-time job. She is a parsonage who desired to quench her appetite for travel and started blogging amidst pandemic as a way to stimulate people with her experiences.

This Globetrotter aficionado has been adored for her stunning creativity, talent, and sense of adventure. Salwa has swayed umpteen people to get up and travel. Whether it is by dint of her writing or creative media.

She has activated the peripatetic bug hidden in the people. She is a fervent wanderlust who is very fond of tourism, loves to travel and explore new places. Salwa has no filter and does a magnificent job at sharing her travel opinions. She commenced traveling 9 years ago as a side hobby and is now killing it.

Moreover, Salwa is a wondrous blogger with tons of useful tips for travelers to keep in mind:

~ Don’t take organized tours of multiple days, it is too rushed and you will never have enough time to take in everything you see.

~ Avoid crowded times to take the perfect pictures. You need to wake up early and beat the crowd.

~ Eschew posy pictures, have fun, be Happy!

~ Don’t travel to the same place multiple times just because you are in love with it- there are beautiful destinations around the world that are waiting for you.

~ Don’t stress on the followers, they will come, just be consistent and post pertinent good content, she says.

In addition, Salwa’s objective is to help travelers organize their travels, provide valuable information including places of interest, the best time to visit, the best hotels to stay, and everything in between. She makes sure to highlight the best of everything.

It was her zeal that led to the creation of her blog, ‘Travel and Cookies’ where shares her travel stories, dope, tips, and her beloved places viz New York, Mexico, Greece, Italy, and Bali. Her plenary favorite is Finland- a city called Rovaniemi which is technically the North Pole where Santa lives.

It is the most phenomenal place in the world, she claims. Take a mo and go through her blogs that will avail you to travel better and smarter. Salwa has a major appetite for world cuisines too. She devotes a lot of time to food, taking lip-smacking pictures that makes everyone envious of her aptitude to do so.

Last but not the least, Salwa is an award-winning Globetrotter who has journeyed far and wide for her fondness of travel. She quotes,” we are the hodophile, who will meet again on the other side”.

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