Sam Bakhtiar: The Steps to Making Millions

From Porsches to Lamborghinis and Ferraris, the lifestyle of anyone worth $52 million is sure to induce envy – but the journey to get to the 8,200-square-foot homes and the eight-digit bank accounts is certainly never easy. For Dr. Sam Bakhtiar, entrepreneur, co-founder of The Camp Transformation Center, and CEO of One Percent Nutrition, the story is a bumpy road, starting in war-stricken Iran and ending with the American dream. Bakhtiar shared his advice to those looking for the security that comes with financial success for those not scared of digging deep to get there:

Let Your Early Days Fuel You

Whether your earlier life was a fairy tale or far from it, you can let it fuel you or let it stop you. Sam came to the U.S. when he was just 11, his mother leading them to a new home away from a childhood of enduring constantly fired missiles, air strikes, and bombs. They made a home in Pennsylvania, and Sam worked countless hours to save up for his childhood dream car, a Volkswagen GTI. The early days gave him a killer work ethic.

Get Grittyand You Just Might Find Your Passion

It’s just no secret that nothing comes easily, no matter what it is. Sam’s basketball misadventures when he was young ended up turning him on to bodybuilding, which led to personal training and, eventually, the Camp Transformation Center.

Rain Brings Flowers

In 2008, the US markets were hit by the recession, and Sam was hit hard. At the time, he was a personal trainer running his own gym, and the success and returns he had enjoyed since 2000 came to a shocking halt with his revenue dropping from 2.4 million dollars in 2007 to about 400,000 dollars in 2009. His house was on foreclosure, his ex-wife was then pregnant with their 1st child, and at that verge of brokenness, the idea of Camp Transformation Center was born with his business partners, Alejandra Font and Luis Font.

Have a Solid Mission

With an initial investment of $11,000 and an idea for a fitness model that would be flexible and relevant in changing times, Sam’s Camp Transformation Center is now a multi-million franchise with over 110 branches across the United States. The team stuck to their mission, which is to put the focus is not only on physical fitness but mental fitness as well, and it has paid off in dividends.

You’re Never Done Reaching

Sam says he is nowhere close to the top of his success. With the growth both the fitness franchise and supplement company are experiencing, he hopes to develop them into household names in the next few years. Until then, he will keep dedicating himself to transforming lives the best way he can – and that’s what it takes.

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