Sam Freij Gains a Following for His Travels

Sam Freij saw his Travel with Sam (@travel_with_sam)  Instagram page gain a significant following in 2020. Today, the page has hundreds of thousands of followers, all hoping to see the next place Freij goes to and what the destination offers in terms of beaches, resorts, drinks, and food.

Freij is just getting to go on the vacations that he loves, but now it is so much more. He is an influencer, who is quickly gaining ground in the very popular digital media travel space. 

When he’s not working as an automotive industry manager, Freij is going to a new place and exploring the scenery and food in the area. Most of his page is filled with different, beaches, foods, and drinks, including his homemade scratch Roman and Neapolitan style pizza. Each post on the page details where Sam is or what he is cooking or eating.

“I love to eat and I love to cook even if I’m just at home,” he explains. “It’s great that people want to see that cause it’s easy for me to just take a quick picture of what I’m eating or what I’m making and I love to keep a record of it too.” 

Sam currently has more than 256,000 followers on his page and he loves to receive messages from those followers asking for his thoughts on islands and hotels in places like Cancun, Mexico among many others. Giving his followers advice and details on travel destinations is what the page is all about and Freij loves to help followers get a better idea of what places are like.

“I can kind of act like a tour guide or even a travel website,” he says. “I’m gonna be honest, not that I’ve had many bad experiences, but I’m definitely gonna give people the details and let them know the full scope of what they can expect, even just with a post and pictures.” 

Sam considers himself to be a self-made entrepreneur. He got to where he is in business today almost entirely on his own and that self-starting attitude has allowed him to be in a place where he can afford to travel and build up content on his Instagram page with so many amazing locations.

“I’ve had to build myself up basically on my own, both in life and with the page,” Freij says. “That really helps you build up a strong work ethic, so Instagram is nothing for me, even with how much I’m posting. It’s more play than it is work.” 

Sam’s presence on Instagram started in March of 2020. At a time when so many were stranded at home unable to travel, the Travel with Sam Page offered a look at what life would hopefully be like again in the near future. Today, even as certain struggles continue, Sam is out and about, safely bringing that travel experience to people all over the world.

“It was a rough time and I think people really just wanted something nice to look at,” Freij said. “I definitely wish these times weren’t so tough for people, but I’m also glad I was able to offer something positive right now.”

Freij has visited 24 countries, but one keeps calling him back. He has repeatedly visited Cancun, Mexico to the point where he is known in the area for his travels and his Instagram page, including getting a feature in the Intercontinental Presidente Cancun publication. 

“They know me, they know what I do, they know what my page can do,” he explains. “It’s great exposure for them and it’s a great trip for me. I just really love the environment and I’ll never turn down the chance to visit.”

Freij hopes to only build on the number of places he’s visited in the near future and all of those travels will be featured on the Travel with Sam Instagram page. As he continues to gain followers, Freij hopes the essence of the page stays the same and that he is always able to offer users the best look at dream destinations. 

For more information, follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

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