Samantha Patience Jay Rice empowers Artists to DREAMHUSTLEWIN in 2021

Becoming a superstar faces many barriers and obstacles. It requires getting out of the comfort zone and compromising. Dreaming millennials and young artists believe success is easy to achieve. 

Rushing to become a superstar through the internet and social media will make you frustrated. Wishing for quick fame may often lead to being conned, especially if you are paying money. Failing on the quick promises of success will lead to depression among millennials and young artists.

DREAMHUSTLEWIN University for Emerging Artists

Emerging artists can get guidance from DREAMHUSTLEWIN University for music millennials. Learning at DREAMHUSTLEWIN University will teach you about the real music world. Specializing in zoom consultation and twenty-minute sessions with established artists will help develop and nurture your music career.

Monetizing music is one skill taught at DREAMHUSTLEWIN University. Learning from a business-minded artist who founded Like Samantha “Patience” Jay Rice will set you towards music career success. Having over ten years of experience in the music industry and working with RADIOPUSHERS, Samantha “Patience” Jay Rice is genuinely conversant with music monetization. 

Samantha “Patience” Jay Rice conducts live training classes via Twitter monthly.  She does a live question and answer session on Twitter, where she answers questions from emerging indie artists.  

Inspiring entrepreneurial hustle and financial independence are some goals of DREAMHUSTLEWIN University. Learning from mentors like Samantha Patience Jay Rice will teach you to run music like a business.  

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