Samavira: Meditation and Mindfulness Taken Globally

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In the last few years, and especially during the Covid pandemic, it seems like practicing meditation and mindfulness has become very popular. Many want to go through this journey to find inner peace and declutter their minds.

However, not all of them are able to find the perfect place, trainer or type of practice to guide them through this path. For this reason, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer Lauren Schuivens founded Samavira: to facilitate genuine transformational change through challenging the current perspective people hold. 

How Samavira Works

Samavira is the first global meditation franchise to offer meditation trainings. Samavira is different than other meditation brands: because of their strong belief in group meditation, they created a real-life sensorial meditation experience.

Also, Samavira offers a more authentic form of meditation, where students create their personalized meditation style, become independent meditators (instead of relying on an app) and generally go through a deeper meditation experience. Samavira reaches people through its global ambassadors.

In addition, every month on Sunday they do a live, global meditation online to encourage everyone to start their week with positive energy: “Did you know that setting yourself up for an amazing new week does not start with your Monday morning? It starts with how you finish your Sunday!”

Why Samavira was Created

Lauren’s desire has always been to help others unlock their greatness in order to start living a full life on their own terms. Her personal experience taught her that meditating can help overcome trauma and lead to self-growth. That is why she founded Samavira with the mission to “help people live life at their best.” In their trainings, Samavira ambassadors guide individuals through meditation and mindfulness practices for them to learn to express a deeper and more authentic version of themselves. 

Samavira’s Mindset

Lauren tells her clients meditation is the path to inner peace, so it needs to become a tool to shift their mindset. But what is Samavira’s mindset? Lauren and her team are looking to teach people that meditation can be practiced to reconnect every system in your body. The main goal is to transform the mind from enemy to friend because “if you start working with your mind, you will encounter limitless possibilities”.

When Samavira was founded, Lauren established the philosophy that everyone is here as spiritual beings having a human experience, and the world being their playground. The work this global meditation franchise has done is a reflection on how people should have fun dreaming and creating their own lifestyles. Samavira’s vision is to help unlock people’s greatness and disrupt their version of “normal”. This mission and vision stem from Lauren’s journey overcoming various traumas in her own life, as well as leading a self-created, freedom-centered life being a digital nomad.

Global Meditation

Lauren’s life is proof that meditation and mindfulness can help you overcome the hardest traumas in your life. Because she realized how powerful these tools could be, she founded Samavira, creating the first-ever global meditation franchise.

Through this innovative mindfulness venture, she has been helping people unclutter their minds to reconnect with themselves more deeply. With a more positive relationship with their thoughts, Lauren believes people can have a self-growth journey that will unlock their greatness. Samavira’s mission is to provide these tools and teach people how to shift their mindset in order to lead a healthier and happier life. 

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