Samet Zili – How Does Hair Extensions Work?

Samet Zili is known for the special hair resources and hair systems he uses for many famous names. The famous hair designer living in London shared information about the 2021 hair extension trends and the issues to be considered in the hair resources.

Samet Zili emphasized that there were changes to the 2021 hair trends. Now simple designs are preferred in women’s long models, Zili said, Naturalness came to the fore in 2021 hair trends. Simple and plain hair models are preferred more.  Make-up has also been simplified in connection with hairstyles.

The most natural appearance provides micro resource

Samet Zili, the hairdresser of the celebrities, also explained how to pay attention after the hair extension application.

The bead extension method is a very common method. The hair extension mounted in this hair extension method can be used for up to 3 months. But it is not suitable for thin hair types.” Tres Extension”is done with horizontal braids. Tight braids cause irritation on the scalp.  Therefore, it should be very careful. The method called “snap hair” is suitable for people with long and bushy hair types. This hair can be boiled and natural hair can be blended. Therefore, it is a small method. 


Samet Zili, an expert in micro bond Extension method, gave the following information about micro extension , which is a very complex method.

Micro bond is a technique that can be applied by professional hairdressers. Micro bond application can take up to 6 hours and can be used for about 4 months. Provides the most natural look to the hair micro-source.

Samet Zili drew attention to the following

Hair extensions or hair integrations add style to the length and volume of your long hair. We serve with the most fashionable hair Extensioon methods for those who have slow hair growth and to provide long hair. A professional hair stylist should be applied to the hair extensions. Sensitive processes such as micro welding. Non-specialists or experimentally analyze the damage to the hair itself.  Natural hair is also important for hair sources. Even if there are hair sources on damaged hair, much design cannot be done.”

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