Sami Baki Says Business Should Be About Adding Value To Others

Everyone gets into business to make a living. But what truly drives you has to go beyond financial gain. Sami Baki always knew he would own a business, and like most, his initial motivation was money. But as he grew, he stopped caring about money and became motivated by helping others.

When Sami was 16, he felt his push to start figuring out how he would earn money. He was in a car accident that thankfully no one suffered any injuries from. However, his parents became financially responsible.

Sami knew he never wanted to be a liability again, so he got a job at a local restaurant while he also started an Amazon FBA business. Sami was on top of the world with the small amount he made from both jobs. That is, until he was told he had to close his shop for unknowingly infringing on another company’s rights. But Sami didn’t let this setback stop him from his dreams. He looked for other ways to make money and vowed to stick with whatever he chose next.

Sami’s next venture was his digital marketing agency, Upsurge Media, now Finesse Digital Media. While his friends spent their money on car stereo equipment and went out to parties, Sami made cold calls, worked at the restaurant, and took college courses. Never believing the traditional route was for him, Sami left college and spent his money on books and courses for applied self education.

“Although in the beginning, my main motivation was making more money, after dropping out and building massively successful seven figure businesses, I really stopped caring about being in business for the money. It then transitioned to helping others and adding value – especially the people I care about. That’s what gets me out of bed in the mornings now,” says Sami Baki.

Everyday Sami gets to live his passion for helping people build and scale their businesses. He sets clear goals that keep him motivated toward his progress rather than the outcome. “To be motivated by your own personal growth as a result of the adventure that you are on with all the twists and turns it may take is far more powerful than just caring about the outcome that you want,” says Sami Baki.

When businesses experience growth because of the passion Sami pours into them, everyone wins. As someone who focuses on the journey, not the destination, Sami can stay detached from the outcome and focus on serving others.

What’s next for Sami? He is working on some non-profit science projects he is excited to get off the ground. You can follow Sami on Instagram @sami.baki.


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