Samit Max Patel, a Marketing Strategist Shares His Journey Into Building a Successful Agency

Samit Max Patel

Searching for a business opportunity is one of the toughest jobs which is undertaken by the promoter. When the horror of pursuing the same gets over, a massive responsibility of converting that business idea into an ongoing concern lingers over the head.

To enhance your business experience and to simplify the proceeding leading up to its inauguration, Samit Max Patel has devised an infrastructure that allows you to explore the business dimension and choose the desired plan to realize your start-up.

Samit Max Patel is the founder of Joopie Marketing Agency, a social media influencer, and a recognized speaker. The company is service-oriented, specializes in providing innovative ideas and solutions while launching a product or a brand into the mainstream market. Samit was always inclined to business, which gave him an early start.

He discovered a way to run his small business in college while teenagers were busy partying. As he graduated, his concepts became clear and he started dreaming big. As he progressed he started hopping from one business to another with a desire to receive success.

Eventually, he realized the potential carried by a product launching business, as people are willing to invest their money and time to incur maximum assistance in business planning. Soon the business met several breakthroughs and grew exponentially over the years. The company has been able to positively exploit this business opportunity to create an income of over $43million since its inception. Samit is also an author, having published two successful books.

As an entrepreneur, the time has been the most expensive commodity, he explains. While working on his numerous projects, he was unable to dedicate much of his time to his family and friends. Samit believes working hard is important, but having a balance between personal and professional life will help you be vicarious, joyful, and motivated at the same time.

When asked about some valuable advice for his audience, Samit says, building relationships and networking is important. Doing so will ensure a good outreach and help you expand your business. Moreover, as you proceed with your endeavors, make sure you document your journey as it will be useful in calculating triumphs and downfalls, and also analyze your growth statistics.

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