Samsung 837x is a Model Metaverse Experience

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Samsung recently opened its flagship store in Decentraland, one of the most well-known metaverse platforms.

On the Samsung website, they explain they are always creating new ways for users to experience their technology along with a link to their Decentraland store Samsung 837x, which is the metaverse version of their physical store, Samsung 837. Located in the Meatpacking district in NYC, Samsung 837 combines art, fashion, technology, and sport in new cutting edge ways. They say it is not a store, but a new place filled with ideas, experiences, and the latest Samsung devices. Not only can you check out the latest devices, but they have a three-story screen, live music, a podcast booth, and a DJ.

We decided to jump into Decentraland and check out Samsung 837x for ourselves. Players are initially greeted by a survey bot. Most explorers of the metaverse keep their interactions anonymous, especially when tied to a decentralized wallet. So, the accuracy of a survey with questions about age, sex, and geographic region will be interesting to see. Aside from the bot, the building is visually enticing with pumping music and lots of neon. 

Inside the store there are several options including an NFT Gallery, a theater, the sustainability forest, and more. The NFT Gallery was visually appealing with a host of interactive NFT art pieces. The best part was the float feature which added a touch of gaming fun to the players’ visit to the gallery. The theater, while inactive at the time of visiting, did boast an impressive design with various options to explore the brand further.

sustainability forestThe sustainability forest was the most impressive. Upon entering you are greeted with a vista of a treehouse forest. In the distance are snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, and flowers. The experience guides players to the treehouses where they are directed to various sustainability issues that Samsung is working hard to solve including recycling and energy use. 

Samsung recently had a booth and held a press conference at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show with the theme of “Bring Calm to our Connected World.” This theme was apparent and felt inside the sustainability forest. There was a lovely sense of calm and the sounds and sights were more than alluring. At the press conference, Alana Gomez-Solis, a Content and Communications Specialist on the Corporate Communications team, joined global Samsung executives, industry experts, and partners to share how some of Samsung’s devices and innovations make her life more enjoyable and efficient. Pushing a new company theme through multiple modalities that span IRL, Web2, and Web3 is likely the new way forward for large brands. 

As the march into the metaverse continues on, Samsung’s flagship store in Decentraland is a model of innovation. More large companies are jumping into the metaverse in various platforms to provide brand specific experiences to the globe. The time is now to develop a strategy for the metaverse. While no one knows exactly how the metaverse will look in the years to come or what platform will be on top, developing a metaverse strategy is paramount for brands to stay relevant and adapt to the new world of Web3.


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