Samuel Kwame Boadu, An Entrepreneur on the Rise in Ghana

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Samuel Kwame Boadu commenced his business right once his service in 2014 entirely into Mobile cash transfers, Business Services, and Consultation in his community.  He began to grow his company referred to as SamBoad Business cluster restricted with activities and subsidiaries providing tailored business solutions.

He then launched SamBoad Media Consult once social media, photography, and videography began to attract attention within the selling sector. His SamBoad Media Consult Team with exertions and dedication won contracts with prime corporations in Republic of Ghana like Priority insurer restricted, palm tree Vanilla AnC & Adjiringanor Branch, The de luxe Lounge & Garden, Republic of Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy, etc.

When business was booming, he required to speculate and diversify his funds thus he shaped SamBoad Business Consult, SamBoad Micro-Credit Services, SamBoad specific & SamBoad Travel & instructional Consult.These subsidiaries and activities of SamBoad Business cluster restricted started determination problems for over one,000 businesses which catapulted Samuel Kwame Boadu into being appointed as bourgeois of the year in additional than four prestigious award bodies in Republic of Ghana and continent.

Samuel Kwame Boadu tho’ targeted on his flagship business evokes thousands of entrepreneurs and begin-ups to know a way to start tiny and grow larger and higher in business. Samuel Kwame Boadu is arguably one in every of the young African entrepreneurs World Health Organization have created success stories that may facilitate not solely the Ghanaian entrepreneurship community however the black young entrepreneurs reach new heights.

With over 250 contract workers nationwide, SamBoad Business cluster restricted has achieved outstanding milestones. SamBoad Travel & Education, the activity of SamBoad Business cluster restricted has since Gregorian calendar month 2021 helped method over two hundred candidates on students scholarship through partnerships.

SamBoad Media Consult Team has taken the information and nearly decades of advertising and production expertise to leverage unimaginable results for his or her purchasers. to provide the simplest to customers, SamBoad Business cluster restricted partnered with a prime Media Firm, Elroy transmission (@elroysalam), and others.SamBoad specific the supplying backbone of SamBoad Business cluster was launched in Gregorian calendar month 2021 to assist the Food delivery sector.

SamBoad specific partnered with Bolt food, provided them with motorcycles, and among an area of vi months; SamBoad Express’ motorcycles enlarged using from five to thirteen riders to assist scale back state in his countryHe added, “Let’s specialize in taking care of ourselves and every different.

It feels smart and drives the proper behaviors that we want to possess making certain we’ve got a positive impact on our collective environmental well-being designing for a wise, safe and secure future wherever one will build his/her business whiles building his business to assist unemployment(secure).”

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