San Diego Finance Entrepreneurs Gian Saunders aka “The Fierce Female Financier” and Brett Pipkin Are Setting Their Industry Ablaze

Patience and perseverance have brought Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin a long way

Patience and perseverance have brought Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin a long way. Before they became business partners and were eventually engaged, they each faced their respective challenges on their entrepreneurial paths. For Brett, he had to face career and life changes that pushed him to work harder and build a vision. For Gian, she went through a divorce in her marriage and, as she puts it, a divorce from her career, as well. Now, the duo is bringing financial advising and literacy to underserved communities across the country.

“We both want our audience to know that you’re not alone,” Gian shares. “You’re not stupid, or dumb, for not knowing the things that we should’ve been taught long ago.” Together, Gian and Brett run their own financial firm in San Diego that is a part of the World Financial Group and TransAmerica financial advisors. On top of promoting financial literacy, the couple is adamantly working to build leaders in the finance industry for the future in order to further their vision.

In a recent conversation between Saunders and Pipkin, they reflected on how grateful and appreciative they are for the opportunity to work towards their goals together. “We are literally building our empire together,” Saunders says almost gloatingly. “We respect each other’s space, and we’re always learning from each other, and pushing each other to be better so that we can be better for our communities, our family, and our business.”

Part of improving their community has included inspiring the next generation of hopeful entrepreneurs, not only in finance but across all industries. The couple has learned themselves and now share with others, that it is important to roll with the punches on the way to building and achieving your visions and goals. “You have to learn that everything won’t happen the way we expected it you and that we have to be OK with that,” Gian shares.

Along with their financial goals, the soon-to-be-married couple are looking to set aside time for themselves, both professionally and personally. After getting married, they are hoping to travel the world. Here in the states, though, they are hoping to broaden their business portfolio in a few ways. Brett is working on opening up his own food truck, while the couple is also working towards opening their own fitness center and film studio.

Whatever endeavor Gian and Brett decide to pursue, it can be assured that they will enjoy every moment together on their rise to eventual success.

To learn more about the hard-working and ambitious lives of Gian “The Fierce Female Financier” Saunders and “Money Doctor” Brett Pipkin, follow them on Instagram – @fierce_female_financier and @pipkinbrett

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