Sandy Lin: Changing Challenges to Chances as a Young Entrepreneur

Life is known for throwing some curveballs and 22-year-old entrepreneur, Sandy Lin, decided to change the game by catching one and throwing it back even harder. Persevering through life-altering circumstances to redefine her definition of success, Lin worked through imposter syndrome and ignited her devotion for connecting with and helping others turn their business dreams into reality.

Transforming a turbulent life experience of almost losing a parent to cancer into a moment of embracing resilience with a passion-driven outlet during September of 2020. Lin founded Small Business Tips(SBT), a community space for new entrepreneurs and aspiring creators to network, share marketing resources and offers online courses to kickstart the process to help others build their best business now. During that difficult time arose a lesson that pushed Sandy to reconnect with why she began entrepreneurship in the first place — to live life doing what you love because it’s too short to dwell on anything that doesn’t make you happy. 

“I was once very goal-oriented, only concerned about what society sees me as, how I portray myself to the society, but my experience with my mom completely cracked me open,” stated Lin in her TedxYouth@ICA talk. “And I completely, fully understand that life is all about appreciating the little moments and giving back to society in any time, however you can do it.”

Starting at the age of 19, Lin combined her love for her pets and interest in business ownership with her first pet-oriented e-commerce business, Wrooof. More recently growing into a content creator role,

Lin works to provide business tips, share her entrepreneurial journey, and inspire others to be trailblazers, breaking through social stigmas on her social media platforms. Gaining over 275,000 followers in two months with her Small Business Tips account, Lin now engages with over 350,000 followers on TikTok and has created the go-to hub for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and grow together.

Small Business Tips is empowering the new generation of entrepreneurs, no matter their age or passion. Living for the innovative, this community strives to ignite, include and inspire upcoming leaders to turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Grounded in the thought of more heads together are better than one, by joining this community you can help revolutionize entrepreneurship by creating a network of leaders to share knowledge and guidance to become as successful as possible. Learn more about Small Business Tips and Sandy’s courses at the main website.

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