Santiago Legarreta Shares 3 Tips on Creating Unique Advantages in Art and Design

Art and design is a means to deeply express oneself. The creative arts and design field is one of the most historic professions in the world, as creative artistry serves as a worthwhile purpose.

No matter what we face in the world, there will forever be an everlasting need for artists to be the voice that reminds us of the beauty, true essence and meaning in life. This means there are various ways in which unique advantages can be created in the field of art and design, as all creators have their own distinct flair and style.

Santiago Legarreta is a creative artist and designer, born and raised in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. From a young age, Legarreta had the opportunity to travel and see the world thanks to his parents.

As he regularly visited museums and learned about different cultures, his mind began to expand into creativity. Each enriching experience influenced him, and his interest in art and design began to grow exponentially. He shares 3 tips on how creatives can create unique advantages in art and design.

Infuse entrepreneurship with creativity and design

In order to monetize your passion in art and design, it’s important you also work on building your entrepreneurial skillset. Learning financial management skills, inter-personal skills, and marketing skills are a few of many skills required to turn your hobby into a thriving business.

A serial entrepreneur, Legarreta is not only a designer and creative at DesignGeo, he is also an entrepreneur, creating a brand in which soccer and lifestyle come to life. He also runs consulting workshops, helping small and large entrepreneurs succeed as they enter the world of art and design. He also works as a digital illustrator on several personal projects with recognized brands worldwide. On top of his multiple projects, he holds a masters degree in branding, having studied at the European Design Institute in Madrid.

As Legarreta began his studies in Graphic Design, entering the big wide world of design, he came up with the idea of ​​sharing his creations through the internet and social networks. He is both a designer and an entrepreneur, encouraging others to “pursue your dreams, work for what you really want because opportunities are going to appear. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and be aware that good things take time.”

Connections will open doors for collaborations

It’s crucial to grow skills day after day and build bridges that will later turn into valuable collaborations and unique opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a path that people either choose to walk alone, or choose to walk with others – with many finding that networking and creating valuable connections opens many doors that aren’t typically available to those who choose to go it alone.

Over the years, Legarreta had the opportunity to work on unique projects with prestigious brands, artists and athletes, including a collaboration with iconic watch brands such as Bomberg and Parmigiani Fleurier where in both cases he helped carry out product launches through social networks – from the development of unique pieces for their presentation.

DesignGeo also created custom portrait designs for legendary music producer Scott Storch and soccer star Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Collaborations boost both credibility and social proof, and the co-branding is everlasting. It increases trust in the minds of your audience as well as exposes you to new audiences that you may have never had the chance to reach on your own. This is an organic way to grow your loyal fan base in a highly targeted manner.

Creating a competitive advantage through “enjoying the process”

The competitive advantage one gets from working on what they really enjoy means that work is no longer a job, but more so a process of enjoyment in its entirety.

When Legarreta is consulted by friends, followers or journalists, he encourages them to pursue their dreams and become better at what they love to do. “Being able to focus on it regardless of all the adversities will mean that over time, unique opportunities will appear, ones that were not even imaginable prior” he explains.

Through sheer enjoyment of the process, this has led Legarreta now having over 2,000 collectors who reside in over 50 countries, of which still continues to grow. “Knowing there are people perhaps on the other side of the world with pieces created by me in their homes, premises or offices is without a doubt the most important achievement of all.” he shares.

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