Sarah Button: Back from the Tik Tok Graveyard

In less than 24 hours, Tik Tok sensation Sarah Button went from posting videos and interacting with fans to losing over 700k followers and having all of her accounts removed without warning. Sarah explains how she rose from the Tik Tok grave and re-established her unique online identity despite her inability to retrieve the data lost or communicate with her fans.

Sarah Button is a 23-year-old from Brisbane Australia who turned her free sexual expression into a thriving business. However, viral content creation was not her original plan. In 2018, Sarah was completing her third year of a dual bachelor of law and bachelor of criminology degree.

During this time she received government benefits and was working closely with her doctors to improve her mental health after receiving a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. This is when Sarah decided to create a Snapchat premium.

Her online persona gained traction quickly, so she decided to pause her studies and follow this new money-making outlet and climbed to the top of the site within 3 months. “Expressing myself so freely and without the constraints of what I thought I should have been doing with my life vastly helped my mental state to stabilize and my quality of life to increase in general,” says Sarah.

As she gained more popularity, she soon found a network of women with the same ideals. In 2019 before the pandemic, she traveled all across the USA and Europe collaborating with other creators to build her network and video catalogue.

However, “during the pandemic, everything changed,” Sarah says,  “the platforms we were using changed, even the chat applications we were using changed.” She notes how her close ties with other adult content creators within her community allowed her to easily grow within the industry and adapt to these new changes. Then, she joined Tik Tok.

On Tik Tok, Sarah speaks openly on what goes on in her life stating, “I post fully clothed videos where I talk about my personal experiences, whether that be in the form of a terrible joke, a skit or a dance.” She notes how the videos about her sex life in particular gained so much traction on Tik Tok that she was able to find her niche.

She explains how much value her work has brought her as she has had many followers message her to personally thank her for giving them the confidence to speak openly about their sexual desires. “Society has scared a lot  of people away from self-discovery,” says Sarah.

I really think having people talk openly about things like sex, desires, and bodily reactions on apps like Tik Tok is doing such a great deal of good in educating people and keeping people safer in their journey of discovery.

Tik Tok allowed her to become closer with fans and establish an online presence that has inspired other people to become more open with themselves. Until one morning, all her Tik Tokaccounts were removed and over 700k followers were unable to interact with Sarah at all.

Sarah mentions how she has lost some accounts in the past but never this many all at once. To her surprise, all of her devices were locked from using Tik Tok and she had lost all ability to retrieve her data.

Losing her Tik Tok accounts was not the end-all and be all of her career, however, she notes how losing all her accounts at once did have a solid impact on her income and her subscriptions on other websites.

Nevertheless, Sarah recognized that losing social media accounts is a part of the industry she is in and that, “remaking social media is like riding a bike,” she says, “if you have loyal followers, they will find you again wherever you go.” And follow they did.

When Sarah lost all of her accounts, she purchased new devices and has since almost regained her full following.  “At the moment I’m making 200k/month from my OnlyFans pages, with employees from around the world and I’ve just bought my dream house here in Australia,” says Sarah.

Though she has yet to receive any information regarding data restoration on previous accounts, she continues to produce quality content on Tik Tok.

“I  don’t let the loss of social media stop my grind,” she states, “ if anything it has proved to be a motivator and shed light on a rut I was in which I am ever grateful for.”

She explains how she thought she had to be reliant on an app like Tik Tok whereas in all reality, it had been her unique and creative personality that had secured her loyal following all along.

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