Sarbjeet Kaur AKA Sara Khippal – Queen of Giddha In Dubai

Sarbjeet Kaur

When we talk about the Punjabi culture and it’s dance. We frequently hear about Bhangra. But one dance form which is lesser known to the casual audience is Giddha. Just like Bhangra, Giddha is the cultural and traditional dance of Punjabis which is specially for women. Sarbjeet Kaur aka Sara Khippal is one of those very first people who have taken a step to teach and promote Giddha dance form. She is the founder of the first ever Giddha group in the middle east.

Over the years this dance form has been under the shadows and not many people knew about it or even heard the term Giddha. Sarbjeet Kaur took a step forward and used her fame and popularity to give Giddha the exposure and introduce it to the world. She herself is a certified Dance instructor at “Learn Bhangra”, specialised in Bhangra and Giddha. Sara Khippal is a social media star and Influencer.

With her unique and expressive dance style. Her videos on social sites get millions of views and it goes viral very frequently. This fame and popularity has worked amazingly for Sarbjeet, She has performed with many popular celebrities like Shivjot, Garry Sandhu, Gkhan, Sultan, Kamzinkzone etc.

Sarbjeet Kaur with her years of hardwork and dedication has successfully brought back the popularity of Giddha. One of the reasons why she was able to do it was because she loves the dance, her culture. Sarbjeet Honors her roots and heritage and takes pride in it.

Today she is amongst the biggest representatives of the Punjabi culture through her artform. Her Husband Hardeep Singh AKA Hardy Singh who is also a star Bhangra Artist is her biggest support system. Sara Khippal with her dedication and achievements is truly the Queen of Giddha.

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