Sarthak Chaturved Rose to the top Through Hardwork and Sheer Will

The legal profession is a noble platform of social arrangement and management, based on the virtues of honour and integrity. Over the years, it has risen to great heights of growth and development. Its officer, a lawyer, is one who puts every possible effort into action to serve justice to people.

However, in the present circumstances, just like other sectors, this profession, too, has had to face the grim faces caused due to the pandemic. While some sectors had to completely shut down their operations, others are looking for digital alternatives.

But with the legal sector, the situation becomes a bit more complicated in the form of online proceedings. The major reason is the lack of sufficient resources followed by miscommunication, misunderstanding, overlooking and sometimes, failure to recognise the root cause of the problem.

Even so, through quick adaptations to the new norms and working relentlessly for the cause of justice, weaving his passion into considerable contributions in assisting the legal fraternity, Sarthak Chaturvedi is indeed a role model for young and aspiring lawyers. It isn’t his first time proving his excellence and definitely not his first to acknowledge, identify and stand up for the betterment of his clients.

Sarthak Chaturvedi, the lawyer at the Supreme Court of India and the founder of law firm Sarthak Chaturvedi & Co., is a man of iron will. As a dynamic lawyer, he has always stood up to the injustices in society and upheld the values of honesty and integrity. Working at the Supreme Court, he has assisted many exceptional personalities of the legal fraternity, faced many challenging matters and brought to beneficial conclusions.

Facing difficulties, he never stepped back from his goals, neither did he mend his way to find a shortcut towards success. As a first-generation lawyer, he has worked diligently and meticulously to attain what he sees as an opportunity to serve the people. Success didn’t find him overnight, he paved the way through his great deal of effort and consistent exercise of his academic and proficient skills, he has become a distinguished lawyer and a role model for many.

The list of his successful suits includes, but is not limited to criminal matters of defamation, theft, fraud, matters enlisted in the Code of Criminal Procedure and Code of Civil Procedure, civil disputes relating to negotiable instruments, consumer protection, insurance, motor accidents and claims thereof, medico-legal matters, property disputes, injunctions and money recovery suits. His wide range of expertise is the result of his consistent hard work and a strong will to become a prominent pillar of the legal sector.

His brilliance has not gone unnoticed. He has been decorated with various awards and recognition for his hard work and impeccable contribution in the field of law at various regional and national levels by many prestigious organisations and authorities such as cooperative societies, national press clubs, the Bar Council of Delhi and the India International Friendship Society (IIFS). He was also honoured by the former President of India, Late Shri Pranab Mukherjee, for his unblemished services in the legal profession.

Sarthak is continuing his fight against the injustices creeping in society with generosity and honesty and providing his services to thousands of people to attain justice. He wants the legal fraternity to stay strong and competent, and adapt to the new normal proceedings, optimising the power of digital space.

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