Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage With the Help of Tiffany Toombs

Tiffany Toombs is the founder of Blue Lotus Mind Institute. As well as focusing on marketing training, mindset training, and interviews with industry experts, her mission in life is to help people reconnect with themselves and realize how much power they have when they vow to heal and let go of their emotional baggage. 

Tiffany explains that by letting go of limiting beliefs and doing the healing work, lives transform for the better. Every day, she aims to change one life, whether this is through a blog post, coaching session, or an online course she has created. 

The information and tools that Tiffany shares allow people to see how their minds have been programmed to work the way they do today, and how they can reprogram them to get results beyond their wildest dreams. First, Tiffany helps clients examine how they have been holding onto their limiting beliefs, even though they may already know that these beliefs do not serve them in any way. 

She goes on to share how we, as a society, have become addicted to stress and drama. Many people begin to have ‘Aha’ moments when working with Tiffany, realizing that they have been playing small all this time. Most people are not true to themselves, but letting go of limiting beliefs and understanding the mind can make a huge difference. 


As the founder of Blue Lotus Mind Institute, Tiffany assists transformations regularly, and they are nothing short of miraculous. Clients have overcome illness such as diabetes in a matter of months, and not by doing anything crazy either; simply by changing their thoughts. Middle-aged women have overcome panic attacks caused by sexual abuse from childhood. 

Couples who have struggled to get pregnant with years of failed IVF end up getting pregnant naturally. Women, men, parents, and teenagers have all stepped into their power, learned to stand up for themselves, and ended generational abuse of their family. They have set boundaries, defied the odds, and let go of what they ‘should’ be doing.  

Everything Starts With a Thought

For every thought you have (we have an average of 60,000/day), we release a hormone into the body. That hormone then leads to an emotion or feeling. Those feelings lead to more thoughts, and the cycle continues. If you start your day with a negative thought, you send your body and mind into a negative spiral that isn’t easy to recover from. 

Feed Your Brain With Positivity First Thing 

Your unconscious mind (the part of your brain that controls your behavior) is highly suggestible. Think of it as a word document on your computer with no autocorrect. Whatever goes onto that document, the unconscious mind takes as the truth. So what you say or think about yourself becomes your reality. It’s pretty difficult to even want to work out when you’re telling yourself you’re fat the whole time! When you agree with someone else, it becomes your truth. 

It’s not easy to make money when you agree with everyone around you about how “hard” it is to make money (even if you agree with them to avoid an argument!). The mind is most suggestible for the first 20 minutes of the day. Make sure that you feed your brain with positivity first thing in the morning, the same way you start with a healthy, nutritious breakfast! 

Your Behaviors Are a Symptom of Your Belief Systems

If you’ve ever failed to make a long-term change in your life, you were likely focused on the behavior you didn’t like (i.e., need to work out more, eat out less, etc.) instead of focusing on the reasons WHY you do the things you know you shouldn’t, or avoid doing the things you know you should! 

Tiffany might seem like she has it all together, but this is only due to her transformation. She, indeed, wasn’t born knowing all of this. She’s no different from anybody else who has the urge to change their life for the better. Her stepmom abused her, she has been cheated on by ex-lovers, and has dated all kinds of toxic men. She’s been screwed over by business partners, had to deal with a miscarriage, and has had to build everything back up from rock bottom. 

Tiffany wants you to know that if she can leave behind toxic anger and resentment, as well as people-pleasing tendencies, so can you. The moment you realize you can have more and that you’re allowed to want more, your life will change for the better. 

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