Scale The Foundation Founders Julius Brown III and Anthony Wilson Emphasize the Importance of Automating Systems in Your Business

Are you at the point in your journey as an Entrepreneur where you just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Don’t worry, we all get to this point, however, it is the development of systems within your business that will allow you to gain the freedom you desire. One of the most important aspects of building a business is your foundation. Julius Brown III & Anthony Wilson met on Facebook about a year ago and they were looking to help each other build their skill-set of sales for their separate marketing agencies at the time. 

Fast forward to now, they have partnered up to build an industry-leading automation business called Scale The Foundation, specializing in the credit repair & real estate space helping entrepreneurs free themselves from their businesses, scale faster through the power of automation. After all, what Entrepreneurs wouldn’t like to buy back their time? It’s been amazing to see Brown and Wilson build a 6 figure business in less than 6 months! Let’s dive into the importance of automating systems within your business. 

Buy Back Your Time

Understanding the importance of working on your business, not in your business is vital to success heading into 2021. With the resources available, companies are scaling at a rapid rate by implementing this thought process. Feeling like you never have time to enjoy with your family? It’s likely that you are spending a large amount of your time on tasks that can be automated. This is what Scale the Foundation helps you understand. Where are you spending your time? What processes can you build in your business to gain more time freedom? Brown and Wilson make this the main priority with every client because they understand how valuable our time truly is.

Accurate Visibility

When you create effective systems, you increase the visibility of your business. Everything from lead tracking to order fulfillment can be completely automated if approached in the right manner. Imagine opening your CRM to all of your leads in the correct stage with no manual movement. Imagine opening your project management software to see all of your projects with live updates. Envision the stress relief of knowing that those systems are taken care of. Relying on human behavior can lead to human error. It’s fine, we all make mistakes, but we don’t have to. In the current environment that we are working in, it’s incredibly easy to gain this type of visibility through automation.

Scale with Certainty

Now, with your time back and increased visibility you are ready to scale with certainty. Understand that every moment that you gain from automation, you can now spend focusing on the growth and scalability of your business. Instead of spending time on mindless CRM tasks, and project management, you can focus on ways to drive additional revenue. Developing effective systems in your business is vital in order to scale your business properly, and with speed.

Brown and Wilson have built an automation powerhouse in Scale The Foundation. They are on pace to helping hundreds of businesses scale predictably through effective systems. 

For more information on Scale The Foundation make sure to visit their website here.

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