Scalp Solutions Effectively Combats Hair Loss through Non-Surgical Solutions

Hair loss is a prevalent dilemma among men and women today due to several reasons. Some experience it due to stress, genetics, and the use of damaging hair products. This condition has been known to affect the self-esteem and confidence of people, and many who suffer from it continue to seek effective remedies in order to achieve the kind of look they want.

Scalp Solutions is providing an effective and state-of-the-art non-surgical solution to hair loss through a process known as micropigmentation, a procedure handled by a duly licensed specialist like David Santiago.

Santiago is the founder of Scalp Solutions and is fondly known in the industry as the boss of hair loss. He is a sought-after and reliable micropigmentation specialist in New York due to the quality of his work that is guaranteed to deliver instant results. Scalp Solutions offers a private, professional, and comfortable setting for all its clients from different backgrounds and professions. Its specialty is in scalp micro pigmentation and men’s hair systems, also known as cranial prosthesis.

“I have performed this service on music entertainers, YouTube influencers, and various celebrities. I am not only a master scalp micropigmentation specialist, but I am also a licensed NYS barber and certified trichologist,” Santiago explained. 

Scalp micro pigmentation is considered a gender-neutral procedure that is the best alternative to the use of wigs, surgeries, and hair products that claim to promote hair growth or restore hair loss and density. For men who avail of the procedure, the end result is the look of real hair on their scalp. It gives the illusion of shaved or short hair. It also adds density to thinning hair, improving the overall look of a person when completed. 

The procedure is also a reliable option to hide scars that may have been caused by an injury or surgery. What scalp micropigmentation does is camouflage the scarring by replicating tiny hair follicles inside the scar itself. It is then blended into the hair around the scarring area. This concealment method has seen significant improvements in the look and confidence of people, making it one of the most effective options available today. 

The cost of the treatment is highly dependent on the amount of hair loss each client has. A pricing chart based on the Norwood scale is available at Scalp Solutions. It is used as a guide when clients come in for a consultation.

Treatments are also affected by different factors such as scars, alopecia, touch-ups, and simple hairline repair, to mention a few. Interestingly, David Santiago has made it a point to offer discounts and financing through United Medical Credit to military personnel and first responders.

On average, clients would need at least two to three sessions to complete their treatment. The length of time would depend greatly on the amount of hair loss and degree of scarring on the scalp. A seven to a ten-day gap is usually required between sessions. 

As Scalp Solutions continues to provide clients with reliable hair loss solutions, more people will have an effective solution to their dilemma that will help them restore their confidence. 

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