Scientific Backed Techniques Neuroscience Calisthenics Gets you Smarter by Working Out With Jean Fallacara

Fitness Industry in today’s date approxes to over $100 Billion net worth. And why is that? Technology, as we know, has played a major role in this extravagant leap resulting in a 3-4% hike each year! Isn’t that something? With newer advancements taking place, every fitness enthusiast is on the lookout for something unique and transforming. Abiding by that, Jean Fallacara, a Canadian French born entrepreneur and an exceptional athlete/fitness enthusiast introduced  Neuroscience Calisthenics.

What is Neuroscience Calisthenics?

This transformational concept is the World’s first human optimization program in the fitness industry that offers workout plans based on neuroscience. Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science that seeks to understand how the various components of the body interact and function together. Calisthenics is a form of fitness that involves various movements performed to varying rhythms and intensity with almost no equipment. Fallacara with his holistic approach combined neuroscience and calisthenics utilizing theories from neuroscience, biohacking, to induce neuroplasticity and get in flow state to help athletes achieve better and faster results. This fitness training is meant to build the body to a great form and not only that but also facilitate Self Empowerment and Self-control. As it is backed by tremendous scientific research and application, Neuroscience Calisthenics has proved to offer significant results, which can also be seen in the founder himself.

Why Neuroscience Calisthenics?

Reading about such a concept that underlines the role of the mind in the transformation of the body can be overwhelming, but this breakthrough conceptual training is designed to unveil the huge unused potential of your mind to unlock your full body potential. Imagine waking up as your best self… How do you feel? How do you look? Who are you next to? What is the purpose that guides your everyday life? This is what Life Programming is all about. Guiding you through the journey of becoming your Best Self. And this is what Fallacara aimed at when he discovered  Neuroscience Calisthenics. Guiding people through the journey of transformation and revolution.

Fallacara with this concept helps people understand how neurobiological effects will make them stronger, faster, and more explosive. With this unique concept, he is set out to help people set scores and beat their personal best, encouraging them with that extra push to take a leap of faith and see for themselves how technology, when merged with routine, can do wonders. Not only that, Neuroscience Calisthenics is expected to have 100% effective results.

As with every other aspect of the world, technology and science are destined to transform sports, offering athletes newer ways to replenish their mental and physical attributes needed to up their performance. At the forefront of this, Fallacara’s vision and scientific insight are definitely on the path of discovering new opportunities and bringing a revolution in the fitness industry.

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