Scotty Huss and the Basics of Success in Entrepreneurship

Building a business from the scratch is tough but when you give it your all it eventually grows into what you have thought of. You face hurdles and learn to outgrow them. You eventually become strong and your decisions will evolve and hence you can make anything possible.

One such business owner from Miami Florida has shown, “Life is what you make it.” Scotty Huss is a 23-year-old successful entrepreneur. He comes from a middle-class family, raised by his mother and stepfather. He grew up in a small town and always knew he was going to end up achieving above-average goals.

Huss first got his competitive edge by participating in bodybuilding competitions while he was in high school. Practicing bodybuilding taught him discipline and to have a vision in life. He would be self-disciplined for months in a year just to meet his end goal. He learned to form good habits and a stable routine because it was necessary to win the bodybuilding competition. While completing his studies, he started working in a gym. This is where he got a lot of motivation to become successful. Scotty would see young, successful business owners come to work out. Huss knew that he could and would eventually become successful just like them.

Huss learned after college that if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to find good mentors. Eventually, he met a few business owners who were willing to teach Huss what it took to become an entrepreneur. After building a strong relationship with these people over the phone, he flew to Utah to meet them. Shortly after, he partnered with a few different businesses and hit the goals he has always dreamed of hitting. It is safe to say that finding mentors to help guide you are a clear path to achieve your desires.

Huss states that his most proud achievements are turning his yearly income into his weekly income and helping his mother become financially secure and retire. Huss has helped twenty people earn a six-figure income and hundreds of others earn thousands per month with leaders all over the United States, Columbia, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico, London, United Kingdom, and Mexico through his company. He is a servant leader who has ambitions to teach others how to truly believe in themselves and obtain their wildest dreams. Through faith and the word of God, Huss has impacted and changed the lives of many across the globe.

Huss’ motive is to never get satisfied with becoming the best person he can be.

Huss stays motivated to his work for a few reasons. He has an extensive network which allows him to find new opportunities and he is obsessed with becoming a student. Asking questions and staying curious is the key to a successful student. Some of the most successful leaders were once the most sufficient students. Huss is a massive risk-taker. When observing business opportunities, he trusts his intuitions and higher faculties to make a decision. Discussing risks with his mentors is another way he makes his decisions. Most of his mentors have already done what he is trying to accomplish. They have the information he is looking for and they can guide him in the right direction to make the correct decisions.

You can get connected with Scotty on Instagram at @Scottyhuss or through Facebook @Scotty Huss.

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