Sean Garner’s Top 3 Things You Need to Guarantee Your Success Online as a Fit Pro.

So, what is it that makes some people stand out and crush it, while others seem to just get crushed? Surely there’s some kind of secret to their success. Meet Sean Garner, founder of  EntreFit, and 6-figure personal training business owner. Having previously managed a multi-million dollar training facility, opening and running 3 fitness gyms, and being named as one of the top trainers in the world by Men’s Health magazine, Sean is a true fitness industry professional.

After seeing the possibilities for fitness professionals in the online space to create true success for themselves, Sean now guides fit pros and gym owners to create and scale their own online businesses. So, are you interested in how to guarantee your own success online? Below Sean shares the three common traits that he has found that every successful fitness business implements.

1 – Have a huge list of customers that you can control.

This isn’t to be confused with having a large social media following. So many people think that having a large social media following is going to guarantee success. But that’s not the case, it’s actually having a large distribution that they control. So, what does this mean?

This means having something like an email marketing list, that allows you to send out messages to your customers anytime you want.

There’s a very big difference in having a large list of customers where you can communicate to them anytime that you want, versus having to be at the mercy of an algorithm for a social media platform. Building up an email list, or a text message list means that you are able to provide value to someone.  If you really want your business to be successful and scalable, you need to be able to communicate with your customers, and with any potential customers whenever you want.

 With a customer list you don’t have to worry about how the algorithm is going to distribute your posts, because you control communicating directly with your customers.

2 – Use long-form content.

To use Instagram as an example, there’s a big difference between somebody that looks fit and can take really good pictures of themselves versus someone who can talk fit. What I mean by this is that anyone can look the part, but a true industry expert actually initiates and facilitates conversations about what it is they do. So, the ones that are truly successful in the online fitness industry are great at using long form content to their advantage.

What that means is they’ve been guests on multiple podcasts, or even host their own, where they can display that they are knowledgeable industry leaders, and provide valuable information about their area of expertise.

Other forms of long-form content you can use are YouTube videos, lives and even reels or Tik-Toks. These break up static photo and caption posts, and allow you an opportunity to connect with more people, and allow them to see exactly why you’re so passionate about your business.

3 – Collect and show off success stories and testimonials.

This may sound simple, but success stories and testimonials are very under-utilised. If you can’t show proof of concept that you’ve actually done this for somebody else, how can you expect to be at the forefront of your target customer’s mind?

Social proof is the biggest cognitive bias known to man, and the best way around this is not for you to shout out how great you are, but have others do it instead. Sharing written, or even better, video testimonials where your customers share their experience working with you does just that.

I cannot tell you guys how many people I’ve seen that have the big social media following, but have zero testimonials and no proof of concept.  So, go out and gather as many success stories and testimonials as you can because, trust me, it’s the ultimate game changer.

By implementing these three things into your online fitness business, there’s no limit to the amount of success you can achieve.If you’re a fitness professional that’s looking to scale your online fitness business, Sean would love the opportunity to talk with you, so click here to book in a free strategy call today.

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