Sean Mack Is Here to Demystify Trading

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Whether you agree or not with the assertion that “entrepreneurs are born, not made”, it is undeniable that some are just born with the natural talents and the passion any entrepreneur needs. This is the case of Sean Mack, a young entrepreneur whose love for visual arts led to the launch of one of the most ambitious trading tools in the market: Lux Algo.

Based in Boston, Sean started working as a freelance virtual artist and photographer during high school. This job, which was not born out of necessity but a need to push forwards, allowed Sean to work from an early age with some of the most recognized brands in America: Adobe, Sheraton Hotel, and MVMT.  

The same need that would guide Sean’s entrepreneurial efforts during High School would eventually get him involved in several business ventures in the areas of software, e-commerce, social growth, and artist development.  During those 4 years, Sean would find himself developing his skills, reigniting his passion for visual arts while learning the ins and outs of technical analysis, as well as meeting who would become his partner in his new venture.

Founded in 2020 by Sean Mack and Alexander Friend, Lux Algo was the result of the young entrepreneur’s mission to bring clarity to investors using technical analysis. Frequently considered one of the most complex methodologies to analyze the market, technical analysis has proven to provide reliable forecasting predictions if done correctly. However, Sean believes that technical analysis can become mainstream if beginners have organized resources & tools that improve over time..

Built on TradingView, the biggest charting platform in the world, Lux Algo offers an easy-to-understand premium toolkit  that complements TradingView’s platform. Designed to be as intuitive  as possible, Lux Algo has quickly found its place as the go-to brand for premium technical indicators, launching v5 earlier this year.

“The strong reputation we’ve built on TradingView’s platform allowed us to grow a community of 100,000+ people & stand out from other services offered with the rise of retail trading & investing.” Says Sean.

As part of his mission to help democratize technical analysis, Sean chose to have many of Lux Algo’s scripts released open source. Not only does this allow users to use the scripts freely but also to modify, audit, and improve them, creating a community based on collaboration. So far, a total of 50k users are actively using the platform while more than 100k have joined their Discord community, resulting in a support network for traders and investors of all levels.

Platforms like Lux Algo have become increasingly relevant over the past months as investors struggle to make sense of the current winter across the stock and crypto markets.

While most experts have focused on talking about the losses that the current crisis has generated, not many have talked about how bear markets represent a unique opportunity for investors. Sean is making sure not only to let new traders know about this, but he is also giving them the tools and knowledge to capitalize on it.

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