Sean Nalewanyj Shares a Quote That Inspires Him Every Day

These are words that Sean Nalewanyj lives by. Sean is a respected fitness coach, writer, and YouTuber who has been helping people from all walks of life achieve their dream bodies for well over a decade.

Sean is known for his no B.S, straight to the point style that revolves around the real facts about fitness without the typical marketing hype and exaggerations so common in the industry these days.

“Don’t expect things to be smooth sailing. Don’t expect that you’ll go from point A to B in a straight linear fashion. Before you even get started, accept that it’s going to be a messy process and that you’re going to encounter many hurdles and setbacks along the way,” Sean says.

Nothing worth having comes easily, otherwise everyone out there would be walking around sporting huge muscles and a million-dollar bank account. Behind every successful person is an untold struggle that often remains unseen, yet we tend to just focus on the finished product and assume it was an easy process for them.

In reality this is almost never the case. There was typically a long list of mistakes and trial and error involved before the final goal was realized.

Sean adds, “this is how it is for everyone, myself included, even if it isn’t talked about publicly. I’d certainly be lying if I said that building my own body or creating my coaching business and supplement company RealScience Athletics didn’t involve a ton of struggle behind the scenes.”

The key is to just keep pressing forward – learning and adjusting along the way – with the understanding that as long as you don’t give up, there’s really no such thing as “going off track”.

The challenges and bumps in the road that arise are simply part of the course itself. If you can understand and accept this upfront, they’ll have much less of an impact on you when they do inevitably happen.

Rather than getting discouraged and dwelling on it, you’ll be much more likely to simply search for a solution and press forward.

Those solutions can be found on Sean’s official website and social media accounts where he shares daily training and nutrition advice to help you gain muscle, lose fat, increase strength and maximize your health and longevity.

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