Sean Taylor and Jacorey Barkley Are Building a Musical Ecosystem to Take Artists from Zero Fans to Monetization

These two entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the music industry.

ContraBrand is disrupting the world of music and entertainment by creating an innovative marketing and promotion ecosystem. Founded by Sean Taylor and Jacorey Barkley, ContraBrand is the first of its kind and rapidly emerging music-first marketing agency that is on a mission to help aspiring talent break into the music industry. Moreover, the agency is already creating a major buzz in the world of music by playing a major role in connecting music artists with their fans from around the world.

“We help music artists by providing them with all the right tools and technology, which enables them to win the hearts of their fans.” Said Sean Taylor, the Founder of ContraBrand, while talking about the agency’s mission statement. “Through our systematic approach, we are helping talented artists create a legitimate career from the music that they love to make,” Jacorey added. According to the Founders, ContraBrand provides all the required tools, technology, and strategies of promotion needed to launch these aspiring music artists in a competitive market.

Before launching ContraBrand alongside Jacorey, Sean worked full-time in the tech industry and has a deep understanding of scaling companies and brands. He also runs a popular YouTube channel called BRANDMAN NETWORK, which focuses primarily on marketing for artists, and the channel now has more than 90 thousand followers and counting. Both Jacorey and Sean are determined to make this music marketing agency a trendsetter in the world of entertainment.

The globally emerging phenomenon of ContraBrand is fundamentally incomplete without its Founder Jacorey Barkley. From being a proud developer of a multi-faceted festival called ‘Blue Summer’, to his illustrious career in the world of music with some of the leading names, Jacorey has accomplished a lot. His music festival focuses on music, art, and film, and he is welcoming new and aspiring music artists to grow alongside ContraBrand. In a nutshell, ContraBrand is unlocking the process needed to take artists from zero fans to music monetization, enabling them to make an income from their music

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