See The World Of Travel Photography In A Different Light Through Joel Henry’s Eyes

Joel Henry is a young and upcoming traveler, photographer, and influencer. His social media feed is absolute goals. What sets him apart from other bloggers is his passion and love for his travels.

Coming from a Swiss/ Italian origin, Joel started travel photography as a hobby which later turned into a steamy passion and then a potentially growing career. Joel had started doing photography during his high school and University days. Afterward, it became a necessity for him as he started working for large companies.

Social media is a center of attention for everyone and a place where most people spend their free time in today’s world. Many people are using this platform to showcase their skills but Joel sees the bigger picture. He had first started out with his page on Facebook, where he showcased his creativity and passion for photography during the time when the term “influencer” did not exist.

This led Joel to create a space to showcase his creativity and eventually share with people who have the same love for travel as he does.

On his experience so far, Joel shares, “The pandemic might have caused a stop on multiple things and has negatively impacted. On the other hand, it has made a huge difference in how we use our online network. In fact, those who suffered the least during this pandemic are those who had an e-commerce business and who continued to sell despite people being locked at home. Once positioned, you have a solid foundation on which to build possible business.”

Joel understands how his social media can showcase his passion or even be the face of his business. He understands that the real deal is to have a strong follower base on Instagram and TripAdvisor.

Keep an eye on Joel as he grows a stronger follower base day by day.

Also, his page is a must-see on Instagram –

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