Self-confidence is key to Success of the Political Hero – Anil Jain Taleda

Anil Jain Taleda was born on 7th July 1990 in Talera. He was brought up in the same. He is a man of many interests, he enjoys studying, and along with that he is a fast runner as well as a good player- a true Jack of all trades, he is good at most sports. He also enjoys films, his favourite actor being Akshay Kumar. Anil Jain Taleda takes great inspiration from the actor’s coping mechanisms and his ability to persevere through tough times and emerge on top.

His educational background states, that he has done LLB and BA, before joining the political field. The law degree is one of the reasons for the ease with which he handles the political issues thrown his way. Anil Jain Taleda is a national member of BJP, one of the members involved in Kisan morcha, and the state president of National GauSeva Sangh.

Presently he holds the position of the Zonal Advisory Member of the Railway Ministry. He says he comes from a line of politicians, and thus it is no surprise that he developed an early interest in politics.

We all encounter difficult situations in our day to day lives. What makes us different from each other is how we deal with it. Ail Jain claims his strategy of being confident, always, in face of every possible difficulty, is the reason for his immense success in his chosen career. 

You will further understand the way he thinks, the way his mind works when you find out his source of motivation. He looks up to none other than Mr Narendra Modi himself. It is the Prime Minister of India himself, whom all of Mr Jain’s decisions are based on. Jain says he loves Politics. He tells us that even though it has its downsides, dissatisfied people, corruption etc, there is no greater joy than to make a difference in someone’s life.

He enjoys having a way to solve the problems of the people who do not have the means to solve their issues for themselves. And to do that, there’s no better option than to be highly involved in politics. He currently works as a Legal Advisor to the council. 

One of the major things he is extremely (and rightfully) proud of is the fact that – during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was involved in the process through which more than 500 migrant labourers were sent to their homes with personal expenses.

He has to date, helped countless people and will continue to do so in the future. And that is exactly why his dream in life is to be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan so that he can work towards bettering the lives of those under his jurisdiction. 

Anil Jain Taleda claims his strengths are his confidence in himself and his belief in the power of really caring for others’ well-being.  Also, as a man of incredible self-confidence, he has no weaknesses that he is yet to conquer. The last 10 years’ worth of struggle in various political parties has toughened him up and brought up where he is today. Now, nothing can bring him down. 

His message to the public is incredible, he says and we quote “Everyone should live in harmony and respect the brotherhood among themselves. And the public should always maintain their self-confidence, they should believe in themselves and contribute the most they can in the country’s interest.”

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