Self Sovereign Computing

What is Start9

StartOS is a Linux-based operating system built for self hosting.  It enables its users to handle everything from discovering, downloading, installing, configuring, and networking general open-sourced services themselves.  It’s even possible to run a personal Bitcoin node with Start9’s OS.  

This represents a shift away from the current hosted and custodial dependency models that almost every person uses currently, like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive.  These custodial models tend to be centralized while also being prone to censorship and corruption.  Start9 offers its customers a decentralized alternative where YOU have full control over your data and communications.  

Start9 offers two dedicated servers for purchase with BTC or USD- Server One and Server Pure.  Or if you’re a tinkerer and DIY type, they offer users the tools to create your own server with a comprehensive guide and top notch support via their Telegram channel.  


Start9 believes in an open, decentralized framework that grants universal access to computing tools and resources.  Free from geographic, ethnic, or ideological restrictions, this allows for a user to have greater control over their privacy and personal data.  As true independence means being a self-sovereign individual rather than relying on today’s tech giants domination of the informational landscape.  

What’s in a name?

The name Start9 originated from early crowdsourced Pokemon gameplay on Twitch.  Initially, an unpredictable ‘anarchy’ mode was created that enabled anyone to contribute commands to control the game.  Similar to throwing the controller in the middle of a crowded room and everyone smashing buttons at the same time.  The progress was clumsy and slow, yet everyone got to play.  

Eventually a ‘democracy’ mode emerged from this chaos.  This mode allowed players to vote on commands that would execute every 4 seconds.  This allowed coordinated groups of players to then control the flow of the game.  Frustrated, the independent players would push back by repeatedly entering ‘Start9’ as a signal to the other players.  This command would eventually be voted on, creating a frustrating experience where the start menu would open every 4 seconds for 9 times.  The centralized parties would then concede returning the game back to anarchy mode.  

Start9 aims to bring this spirit of decentralized control to personal computing believing that technology should empower the individual rather than limit them.  Just as “Start9” became the signal for frustrated Pokemon players, Start9 wants to be the call to arms for believers in decentralization and self sovereign technology.  


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