‘Sell it like Swastik’ Helps Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurial Transformation

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Transformation is about change and nowhere is that more apparent than in the field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs create products, services, and organizations by bringing resources and people together and combining them in new ways.

Taking risks and failure is a part and parcel of an entrepreneurship journey. Motivation plays a significant role in success with entrepreneurial transformation. Sometimes we lack internal motivation. During those times, the help of a coach is quite fruitful.

When we fail in life, it motivates us to learn to walk with determination and succeed in our ventures. Swastik, a 27 years young entrepreneur from Bangalore has succeeded in helping small businesses make big money in a short span of time.

The company works with Entrepreneurs / Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants who want to massively grow their business. He assists them to redefine success. He appreciates the mindset required for maximum professional growth and its limitations too.

‘Sell it like Swastik’ helps them understand how to sell better, how selling is actually helping people, and how they can build and grow their business massively in the current Digital World where the old age methods of selling don’t work anymore.

The new age is the age of digital marketing and the one who comprehends the requisite skills for the digital world can make its
presence in the market. When it comes to doing business, the status quo will not work for long. There’s little doubt we will face ongoing threats, whether from new technologies, competition, or industry changes.

As an owner-manager, we need to think about the future today so we can build a sustainable model for your business. The company reviews the business model and helps identify strategic initiatives that will support the
objectives. This is done through facilitated sessions focused on helping and developing the right strategy for the business – and by helping people execute, monitor and make ongoing adjustments to their strategy.

Swastik was an engineer by education but he was dissatisfied with where his life was heading. He always felt delighted with the idea of changing lives, but it felt like he had no idea how to make that happen and make a
difference to more people all around the world. He was on a look out for bringing a change in the lives of the business owners and his enthusiastic endeavours finds a profound place in ‘Sell it like Swastik’.

A life changing accident made him realise that he owed to the world to do bigger things in his life. He began his adventure into business by exploring different industries. He worked as a Musician, started many of his own businesses in the past, and also worked as a Growth Consultant, which he enjoyed the most. His hands-on experiences in various businesses made him understand the need of the market.

That’s how he knew he wanted to grow several businesses at once and can help people uplift their shattered businesses in order to bring them to life.He failed in seven businesses in different industries and went beyond broke. His debt squeezed him and he went into 1.2Cr debt which was hard to pay off.

It seems he has almost given up with the hopeless situation of never getting up in life. Amidst these turmoil of life, he learnt the hard way what it really takes to be in business. Since then, everything changed for the better—he started doing what he loved, found opportunities he never thought possible, and transformed his thoughts, circumstances, and life.

People often ask, “How did you do it?” Well, as Steve Jobs said:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them
looking backwards.”

In other words, all your obstacles and failures only make sense when you reach your goal, look back, and understand how everything brought you to where you are. He bounced back from losing everything he owned by
helping and making entrepreneurs learn from his mistakes. His experiences and close association with failures made him emerge as a torch bearer for other entrepreneurs.

Putting together all of his amazing experiences,he grew his business from
0 to 7 figures in just 9 months. It has been one of the biggest milestones achieved by business owners in the shortest span of time.
Ever since then, he has been using all his learnings to help other businesses massively transform themselves.

He has built a community of all the hustlers and hard workers. And his mission is to build a tribe of the most profitable entrepreneurs who are massively recognised for the work that they do. His unfulfilled desire to study in IIT led him to be a Keynote Speaker at IIT Delhi. It was a moment beyond words.

Swastik believes that ‘Selling Is Helping’. With this opinion he aims at helping people to sell the products and services at the best price in the market with digital tools. He adds, “No matter who you are, there’s always room for improvement. And there always will be. Because when you hit pause in your busy life and reflect on your emotional wellbeing, small parts of your life in which you are not fulfilling your true potential bubble and rise to the surface.

When you stay busy and focused on achievement, you aren’t as aware of your shortcomings. You are worshipping results,
outcomes, and other measurable signs of progress–the ever-elusive and never-ending goal of professional development.

Swastik can be reached through various online platforms and social
handles such as
Instagram: CLICK HERE
Swastik’s Website: CLICK HERE

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