Selling and Serving: Andrew Valdez Johnston’s Military Background Gives Him A Systematic Approach To Real Estate

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What happens when you combine real estate vision with a U.S. Naval background? Andrew Valdez Johnston’s technical knowledge, passion, and background have made him an up-and-coming star on multiple fronts and at Hulett and Associates Realty as well.

“I take the same care and respect I place into my military relationships to my clients,” said Andrew. “I believe the difference between regular real estate professionals and my business are the founding principles of care, respect, and honor.”

Systems and Resources Are The Key To Client Satisfaction

As a realtor with Hulett and Associates Inc., Andrew serves clients in Virginia Beach, Va., with something his competitors aren’t—a full suite of products to educate and inspire his sellers and buyers. Called “VJ’s Complete Home System model,” the built-by-hand guides and advice feature a buyer’s checklist, recommendations on how to secure a mortgage, mortgage guides, and home inspection tips. 

“In an extremely busy market, it’s more important than ever that both sellers and buyers are educated about best practices,” explained Andrew. “I offer resources so they can learn at their own speed—and they always know I’m here to answer questions when needed.” 

Learning The Business 

Learning has been a pattern of the real estate prodigy’s life—ever since he read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Featuring financial advice and ways to become independent, Andrew was inspired to develop literacy not only in terms of money but wealth and investing. 

Purchasing his first property in 2016, his investment goals were delayed due to service requirements. Andrew’s ship reported being away from home 45 percent of the time over the past three years (from 2016 to 2018), the highest in the Navy over that time. Coming home he invested in a 4 unit apartment building house hacking and eventually purchasing his first commercial property—a dental office building. Combining a love of real estate ownership with the grit and leadership skills he learned in the military has made his business propel forward—which wasn’t a surprise to those that know him. 

Building Relationships And Rapport

“Trustworthiness, exceptional negotiation skills, and accountability for the interests of my clients are what my business is founded on,” stated Andrew. “Relationships are everything in this business.” 

Taking all that he’s learned over the years, Andrew is looking to pass on his knowledge, piece by piece, to each client he partners with. 

“My business is driven by relationships, and I learn just as much as I teach,” Andrew explained. “Real estate has much in common with the military— I’m a part of a team, working towards the same goal.” 

Believing the key to a great sale is both in knowledge, relationships, and market know-how, Andrew has taken a passion and vision to lift others up with him. From education to being involved in his community, this up-and-coming real estate professional is changing the industry—one purchase agreement at a time. 


About Andrew Valdez Johnston

Andrew Valdez Johnston is an up-and-coming realtor with H&A Realty. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he has created the VJ’s Complete Home System model, a program he implements with his clients to ensure their buying or selling journey is as efficient and effective as possible. To get in contact with Andrew, visit

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