Serial Entrepreneur and Music Investor Stephen Orso to Launch Video Production Company

Loyalty Records, founded by Stephen Orso and Peter Ashley, is proud to announce the launch of Loyalty Productions, a vertically integrated video production company focused on short films, music videos, and documentaries. Orso and Ashley are partnering with their long-time collaborator and music video director phenom Parker Toonder in order to ensure that Loyalty Productions will be on the front lines of creating innovative short, medium, and long-form video content for musicians and various creatives. This trio will most assuredly become a force to be reckoned with in the video production space in the near future.

With the growth of video and streaming platforms, pre-pandemic, high-quality video content has been valued at a premium for some time now. This trend is only solidifying with the onset of COVID-19. Now, consumers have far more time on their hands to consume all types of content, which means that the creators who invest in their content at this moment have a unique chance to gain a disproportionate amount of market share. This is why Orso feels like the time is now to double down on high-quality, innovative video content of all kinds. Recognizing the difficulties of filming top-notch content before the pandemic, Orso understood that being vertically integrated with the production of all of his artists’ video content, especially in the post-COVID world, would benefit his artists greatly.

Since the start of the pandemic, Orso has pushed his artists to take advantage of the newfound interest in streaming features and platforms in order to stay connected to their fans. Now, Loyalty artists will have an in house production company in order to create avant-garde and first-rate short-to-long-form video content. The creative trio of Orso, Ashley, and Toonder is perfectly suited to take advantage of the newfound opportunities in the video content space by streamlining production, saving costs, focusing on content arbitrage, pushing to envelope, and centering artist empowerment. Utilizing the best technology, the vertically integrated video production company will enable Loyalty artists to put out the most cutting edge and engaging video content, live or otherwise, on Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and every other streaming platform.

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