Serial Entrepreneur Morgan Brand Shares the Keys to a Millionaire Mindset

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Morgan Brand: a 28-year-old businesswoman leading by example in finding financial freedom by forging her own path. Morgan instills her own expertise and vision in those around her to create financially independent leaders, able to live life on their own terms. Today Morgan is here to discuss her entrepreneurial journey of building not one but two successful businesses from the ground up.

Born and raised in Southfield Michigan, Morgan moved around often as a child due to her dad’s service in the military. Morgan started in the workforce younger than most; at only 8 years old, she spent time helping her grandparents in their restaurant.

Morgan jokes that while other third-graders were playing outside on the weekend, she was cleaning chicken – but in hindsight, she recognizes the advantage this gave her an understanding from a young age of the work involved in owning your own business. Morgan attended Eastern Michigan University, majoring in political science and journalism and minoring in design, and graduated in 2016.

When discussing her seamless transition into entrepreneurship due to her experience with her family of business-owners, Morgan says:

I’ve always kind of been an entrepreneur. I’ve never had a 9-5, I am a third-generation entrepreneur. My grandmother had her restaurants, my parents had their restaurants and then they have a couple of other businesses. That’s always been around me, so I’ve always had a hand in entrepreneurship.

Morgan’s first business venture started in 2016, where she started a lash extension business, called Bél Amour with her aunt. With Bél Amour running strong, Morgan branched into other areas of entrepreneurship looking to diversify her portfolio and was introduced to network marketing and trading in the financial markets in 2019.

Just as quickly as the opportunity arose, Morgan grew accustomed to the business model and has created her own organization called Millionaire Mindset, where she leads and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their own financial and business goals.

A pivotal moment in Morgan’s entrepreneurial journey was the birth of her son, Macaiden, which ultimately and inevitably changed her entire way of life. Through Millionaire Mindset, Morgan strives to help other single parents not only become financially stable, but free – which can be a seemingly impossible feat for parents living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.

When discussing the objectives behind her most recent business, Millionaire Mindset, Morgan says:

One of my main goals with this business is to help single parents find better financial solutions. Not just single mothers, but single fathers too. I want to introduce them to an opportunity that can give them more than what they have right now – more than they may have even thought was possible.

To date, Millionaire Mindset contains over 300 individuals and counting spread across the United States. Although she works closely with single parents, Morgan is diligent about showing everyone that they too, can live a life they never imagined was possible without a 9-5 job. Having been able to pay off her own debt and student loans from the success of her businesses, Morgan is working hard to help her business associates do the same.

“We’re helping people to see that there’s more to life than just working a job to pay your bills. It’s possible to be in your twenties and pay off your student loans and be debt-free – I’m a living example,” says Morgan.

In growing Millionaire Mindset, Morgan has overcome her own shares of obstacles with persistence, resilience and the innate qualities of a true entrepreneur. In a people-oriented business, Morgan has had to step outside of her comfort zone and into her growth zone.

As an introvert by nature, starting with her lash business Morgan had to become self-assured and assertive when dealing with individuals with different perspectives, personalities, and experiences than her own. Pushing herself to become a confident businesswoman has helped Morgan to build her second business Millionaire Mindset and work with her team closely and lead them to success.

With not one but two successful businesses thriving, this entrepreneurial powerhouse undoubtedly has much more in store for the future. Keep reading to learn Morgan’s best advice for the aspiring entrepreneur!

Focus on solutions. “Don’t focus on the negative. Plan ahead. If there’s an obstacle coming your way, make sure that you have a solution for it, don’t just focus on the problem.”
Remember your purpose. “Ask yourself: What are you here for? What can come of you doing whatever you are meant to do?”
Always be a student. “Always try to learn new things. Technology is always changing and improving and everything around you is always enhancing. Always remain a student and then work hard, but play harder. We work so hard, so definitely get out and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

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