Service-based High Performance

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Creating a business culture based on service starts with your core values. When you focus on building relationships it offers value for both you and your customer. Providing additional customer engagement gives them an extra incentive and emotional connectivity to your brand.

So it remains important to show up with excellence and the desire to serve your customer to the best of your abilities. When a customer sees their favorite brand make an additional effort to connect, the customer deepens their loyalty beyond that first product they buy or consume.

On Season 6, Episode 30 of The Making Bank Podcast, Brendon Burchard chats about the importance of service in the business. Burchard is a high-performance coach for clients such as Oprah and understands the traits for success. He believes that serving others is the key to long-term success and explains the best strategies to perform at a high-performance mindset.

Define the Service You Want To Provide

If you are unclear about the service you want to provide, you may not have the willpower to make it through the work week. Defining your service provides clarity in your goals and the types of people you can help. It gives you a purpose for when the challenges of entrepreneurship get overwhelming.

These challenges are numerous; they can be time management, money problems, or difficulties in starting a company. No matter the challenge, if you define the services you provide and why, it will give you momentum to succeed.

Ask yourself, what do I want to share? What’s the service I want to provide to my customer or the world? Your ambitions may be changing the world or simply providing a product or tool you are passionate about to others. Burchard believes that both are noble causes as the smallest things can help your customer. Start with helping those around you, especially your community and you will find success in life and business.

Serving Beyond Your Strengths

Many entrepreneurs follow the pattern of only serving to their strengths. Brendon Burchard describes this as his primary failure as an entrepreneur. He explains that he focused on his strengths when creating content and teaching overlooking what his customer needs. He started teaching what his customers actually wanted and needed.

Understanding what the customer needs allows you to focus on how to show up in your business. You begin to grow as an entrepreneur as learning about your customers’ needs will force you to step outside of your comfort zone, master new skills, and grow.

Service-based High-Performance Mindset

Growth has never been about comfort or needs; it is about the challenge, intention, and momentum towards your goals. Burchard warns against relying on your mood to dictate how best you want to service. He believes you need to be your best self to create the best business. If you’re not showing up properly, your brand of excellence may slip and customers will notice.

So tune your body for a high-performance mindset and wake up every day with the intention of success. Establish a routine that works best for you, based on how you best serve your customers. You could start your day by journaling your gratitudes. By focusing on those people and things, you begin the day grateful, kind, and in a lifted mood. You’ll carry this positivity and readiness into your business decisions.

Otherwise, you will start to go through the motions, which doesn’t leave you qualified to help others. Sometimes we can get stuck in going through the motions. Burchard believes we need the right balance of recharging and recovery moments to perform at optimum levels. When we stop going through the motions, we can achieve an authentic flow.

An authentic flow is not about the intention to try hard but having the momentum to keep trying. Authentic flow balances recharging your mind and remaining focused on your goals. Everything you’re doing or putting in your body is intentional and affects your authentic flow. Finding balance will give you the tools and energy to create your next thought and innovation.

If we challenge ourselves, we can call upon this authentic flow whenever necessary. In focusing on your habits, you can set yourself up to quickly perform at your best, helping your business, but mostly, those around you.

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