Shahn Donovan Elevates his Career to New Heights During a Global Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic a lot of people have had the tendency to lose themselves and fall off track from the goals they were striving for before the world seemed to “fall apart.” It can be hard  to get the mental clarity during these times as there is potentially no end in sight for the return of our normal everyday lives before COVID-19. That’s not the case for Laurel, Maryland native Shahn Donovan who, instead of letting the pandemic get him down, took his career to new heights.

Throughout 2020 Shahn looked to make moves and elevate his career to new heights. 2020 was the start of something special for Shahn as we saw him drop 4 singles on Spotify, all of which received lots of love and feedback from his fans. Shahn has set up 2020 to be the perfect launch pad for 2021 when he plans on releasing multiple singles and potentially an album at the beginning of the year. All big accomplishments for an artist that is new to the game, and just goes to show how legit Shahn Donovan is. For Shahn he says that “It’s crazy for me to look back at my life and see the position that I am in now.” Shahn has worked for everything he has ever gotten in life and has come up from the bottom to get to where he is currently.

Everyone has their own handful of life experiences that may seem impossible at the time to overcome and for Shahn that period was when he found out he was HIV+. He had to put in years of working through the pain that comes with the stigma surrounding it and had to constantly remind himself of his worth regardless of what illness he may have. He knows many individuals use music as a coping, so he uses his experience to speak to his listeners and know that they are not fighting their battles alone.  “I want people to see and hear my vulnerability and to see that it’s possible to overcome even some of the most traumatic things and that life really can get better” says Shahn Donovan. He truly wants to give back to his fans as he knows he would not be in the position he is today without their support.

It is clear to see that Shahn Donovan is a very down to earth guy who wants to make a difference in the world and make his voice heard for the benefit of others. In a world today that is surrounded with people throwing shade left and right on the internet, it is hard not to cheer for a guy who wants to deliver a message like that. His music captivates these messages in mini stories that will have you caught in your feelings and coming back for more.

As the year 2021 gets underway be sure to keep an eye on Shahn Donovan, who is looking to elevate his career to new heights. With the support of his loyal fans, his determined work ethic and his want to add good into the world, there’s no telling just how far he could go.

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