Shailendra Kumar Singh: Small town boy who made it big on Social Media

Social media platforms are new virtual happening places and markets of today. Anyone who wants to grow business exponentially has to have a strong social media presence. Social media influencers are the new celebrities of today. Small and big business houses reach to them to promote their products and services because they have the capacity to influence buyers’ behavioral patterns. Shailendra Kumar Singh AKA Sonu Rajput is also a social media influencer from a small town Called Ambikapur.

Born and brought in Ambikapur Chhattisgarh, Shailendra Kumar Singh, 27, is a techie turned Social media influencer. He has a whopping 820K followers on Instagram. Shailendra is a graphic designer and photo editing expert by profession. An anthropology graduate Shailendra followed his passion to make his exceptional place on Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

He gives tips and tricks about how to grow on various social media platforms. He has self- learned graphic designing and Social media growth techniques through various online learning materials and worked hard to get expertise in these domains. He is so perfect in his work that people not only from Ambikapur but also from surrounding districts approach him for graphic designing requirements. He has more than 5 lac subscribers on his YouTube Channel and his Instagram handle is filled with his graphic designing and photo editing feeds.

But Shailendra’s growth to this extent wasn’t an easy task. He has had his share of struggles. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family. His mother who was the single breadwinner of the family when Shailendra was young has made sure that Shailendra and his siblings get an education. Shailendra too understood his mother’s struggle and started earning at an early age. He has got a strong sense of self-respect and politeness from his mother. He was determined from a very young age that he wants to take his family out of such difficult life and make a respectable position for himself.

Shailendra is just 27 at present with handsome earnings and a commendable social-media presence. His helping nature and networking skills have gained him many long-term clients. Many brands reach out to him for promotion and collaboration; He has achieved all this without any outside guidance. Shailendra is a path-breaker and torchbearer for those small-town youths who want to establish themselves on a road less traveled.

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