Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore: An Active Worker And Honourable Representative Of The India National Congress Party

A politician is a renowned and important personality in a well built-up society. A politician is one individual who is sincerely committed to regulating and overseeing the business activities and the functioning of a government. He is an individual skilful in the art and science of the government. A politician is an elected government administrator, as he is elected by the constituent assembly or directly by the countrymen.

He is uniformly responsible for the well-being of the society and improving the standards of living of the countrymen, therefore a politician is a government official who holds a respective constitutional and legislative influence in any government.

Hereby we came across a well-known and influential politician, Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore who was born on 10th November in the year 1979. He was born in Ajmera city of Rajasthan. Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore is a preeminent personality with vast knowledge in party politics and is a designated Congress representative and Ex-member in Panchayat Samiti as he holds equivalent authoritative powers to a mayor.

Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore has been preserving law and order, national harmony and public serenity, he has been regulating the internal affairs of the state based on the will and preferences of the netizens. He has been on a constant mission to bring a revolutionary change in society and improve the standards of living of the people and has been working round the clock for the people of the country without any hesitation.

Since the beginning, he has stood entirely against corruption, extortion, exploitation of powers and fraud. Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore has done numerous rallies and andolans protesting against corruption and fraud officers and politicians. He has always forwarded a positive and conclusive message to the public through his speeches and has stated on multiple occasions that the “power of people is always greater than the people in power.”

Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore has faced a lot of uncertainties and hitches in his journey in his initial stages when he freshly stepped into student politics. He was defeated in his first election but he didn’t give up on his dreams and was elected as the first president from NSUI of that college.

Since then, he has never looked back and has attained some honourable positions for the government namely State Secretary National Students Union of India, State Vice President NSUI, State secretary Indian youth Congress, he has also been the former president of MDS University, Rajasthan.

Currently, he is in the institutional post of Co-Ordinator Mahatma Gandhi Jeevan Darshan Samiti which is a government Non-Profit Organisation.

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