Shalini Bhatia – A Successful Woman Entrepreneur, Model and Actress is Proof That Women Are Adept at Juggling Multiple Roles With Aplomb.

Shalini Bhatia is an Indian actress, model, and businesswoman. She made a significant contribution in the field of acting, modelling and now also as a Social Activist. A charismatic and independent lady, she is recognised a top-notch model and a gritty entrepreneur. Her sense of style has a unique appeal which makes her a popular Lifestyle Influencer too.

Shalini Bhatia is the Director of Style Beaats which organises many glamorous and high profile fashion shoots, events, fashion walks in the city. They create amazing occasion and entertainment events through the extraordinary event design, planning & production. It is rated as one of the top event management company in Delhi, as well as one of the top event firms in India. Style Beaats provides a huge platform to many young and talented aspiring models and actors.

Some of their events include ‘Shining Star 2021, Regalia Mr, Miss & Mrs India auditions, Mother’s Day Contest, Lockdown Mother’s Day contest and much more. Style Beaats Events by Shalini Bhatia had organised a Valentine’s shoot in Shades of India Magazine which had many well-known faces and top notch models of the country. Over the years, they have organised several fashion shoots, jewellery shoots and model photography.

A Fashion and lifestyle influencer, Shalini believes in making a social impact and not just achieve professional goals. She is an active Socialite of the city working for various social initiatives. As a social worker, she fulfils her social responsibilities by being part of several community welfare activities.

Shalini is the President of women association and strongly promotes women entrepreneurship and works towards the same. She is even the President of anti corruption cell and looks into all such matters also.

An Indian fashion model and actress, Shalini Bhatia stepped into the glamour world after her marriage. She got married at the young age of 21 to Rajiv Bhatia and settled down in Delhi. Following her marriage, she got due support from her husband and his family to pursue a career in modelling and acting. Shalini achieved her first success when she was crowned Mrs. India 2019 (Grahsaheli).

Moving on, she accomplished several feats in modelling including being the face of many big brands and campaigns. She also appeared in shows and got featured on covers of various fashion magazines. She has also been cast as the leading heroine in various music videos produced by famous music labels.

Being the brand ambassador for many big brands she is a popular and renowned face on hoardings and outdoor publicity, especially in Delhi. Shalini has many prestigious projects in the offing, including ones with Reddwings Productions in the very near future.

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