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Shaquille Hinkson’s Business Journey From Being Unemployed to Starting Millionaire Businesses

Meet Shaq Hinkson and his powerful story about how to create and run a successful company.

The constancy, the effort, and the conviction of reaching a purpose are, in short, the best motivation of an entrepreneur. Trusting your potential and guiding every step towards the achievement of a goal is what can differentiate a successful person. A clear example is the entrepreneurial journey of Shaquille Hinkson, a 27-year-old who has become a reference as an entrepreneur.

A worker from a very early age, “Shaq” as he is popularly known, started 11 years ago in a car wash. His passion for cars grew and advanced to the point that, after being out of work for three weeks, he started his own car wash. This would be his first venture.

The determination to do what he is passionate about and the vision of becoming a successful person led Hinkson to continue his journey in business. Noting the low demand from companies related to vehicle detailing, he decided to take this path, which he already knew.

However, his inexperience in business made the way a little complex. It was not easy at the beginning, but his eyes fixed on his purpose always led him forward. He invested in time and money to grow his business, at the age of 17 he already owned Nicks Professional Touch, a high-end car detailing store.

Set Your Sights On The Goal

Hinkson’s path and probably many other entrepreneurs were not easy at all. Inexperience, criticism, and little support were some of the bumps in his road. However, none of them was decisive to make him give up.

The reason for his persistence has been mainly keeping his eyes on the goal and not on the road. He assures that, from the beginning, he did not expect it to be easy, he simply concentrated on what he wanted to acquire and what he needed to work on to achieve it. Progressively, the results came. Not without first investing time and all his money into it.

“I spent almost $20,000 to put my truck together. I didn’t get any help from anyone because not many people thought the business would be a great idea. I used every last dollar I had, but after I spent it I was very proud of myself.”

Be Patient While You Work

One thing that has characterized him throughout his experience has been the patience to wait for things to come as he works persistently for them. He did not despair at any time and when he saw his business going slow again, he found a way to reinvent himself without abandoning any of his goals.

Because of the winter season, it was too cold for people to go and wash their cars. This decreased the demand for income. So, he decided to reinvent himself as an entrepreneur. He purchased chemicals to create his own car wash products and with his girlfriend’s help, he started doing it continuously.

Soon after Hinkson started, he was already multiplying his income, which allowed him to expand and not only sell cleaning products, but also car detailing devices. He called this new business Nick’s Professional Supplies.

The effectiveness of their products and services earned him great recognition. Soon it would have become a reference as the best car wash store and the finest store for the care and detailing of your vehicle in the city. Aspects that he would not have achieved without patience and his capacity of reinvention.

Grow and Make Others Grow

Not satisfied with the success he has had, one of Hinkson’s greatest qualities as an entrepreneur has been his ability to grow and help others along the way to do so. In addition to generating multiple sources of employment from his companies, he has spent time in a training process for young people who wish to become entrepreneurs in their industry.

Nicks Professional Education is an online class-based training program where young people have the opportunity to acquire the skills and abilities to become entrepreneurs in the vehicle detailing business. Hundreds of young people around the world have had the opportunity to engage in this area with great success.

Initially, the project was a face-to-face class. However, in the wake of the pandemic, it had to be reinvented and done online. What made it even more remarkable was that young people who do not have the possibility of traveling can take advantage of this program from anywhere in the world.

Currently, Hinkson is focused on his business growth. He plans to expand his brand around the world and advance in showing the quality of his products and services so that everyone can recognize his work.   

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Written by Kevin Leyes

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