Shari Dionne Makes Waves In The Luxury Eyewear With Polarized Sunglasses, UV400 Sunglasses, Blue Light Glasses And More

Without a shadow of a doubt, one can say popular luxury eyewear brand Shari Dionne has created massive ripples in the world of eyewear in just a short period of time. The motto of the brand is, “If it doesn’t have the wing it ain’t the real thing” and this is what makes the enterprise unique and trendy.

The company was founded by Will Nickens Jr. and namesake, Shari Dionne, who met in Dallas and instantly connected. Shari was visiting for a weekend from Los Angeles and they are now married. Shari has always been a woman of style and a great eye for fashion, she took her passion to the next level with the support of Will and their luxury brand was born.

Speaking about the journey Shari said, “Honestly, The journey hasn’t been easy. Trying to stand out in a niche where there is a high competitive market, you have to make sure that the decisions you make will set you up to stand out from the bunch. The world we live in is so diverse and that was a key component in our business. We made sure to create unique styles that would capture the attention of a wide array of people.”

Speaking with Will about the ups and downs of business he said, “Sometimes, I think the hardest thing to do is to just get started. There is usually never a perfect time, and if you try to wait until the perfect time, you may miss out on a lot of opportunities.

I don’t believe you can have a business without bumpy roads because It‘s normally in those times you learn the most. We have learned a lot during our time being in business and have certainly made our share of mistakes. However, those lessons have helped us find and mold our niche.”

He added, “We take great pride in every single product we market, be it Polarized Sunglasses, UV400 Sunglasses, Blue Light Lenses or anything else, each of the products have been selected carefully. For me, Shari Dionne is not a brand, it is an experience.”

When asked what makes Shari Dionne stand out they replied, “we are an eyewear brand committed to excellence and quality. We have over 100 pairs of eyewear for both men and women ranging from Polarized, UV400, and anti-blue light lenses. We have styles for everyone and we recently added swimwear to our brand. This is just the beginning, we plan on growing and adding more categories to our brand.”

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